Like in Minecraft to make a dynamite gun of different types?


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Every gamer loves to shoot, but not in all games he is available. For example, in Minecraft - the game that gives you almost unlimited possibilities, you can only shoot from a bow. Of course, the players themselves are looking for new ways that would allow them to do much more. In this way there appeared the dynamite gun is one of the most powerful and dangerous weapons that you can create without the use of any mods - my own hands of what is available in the original game. Naturally, this will require you to understand many of the principles and features of the world in Minecraft, and a lot of hard work. But the result is really impressive, so you really need to know how in Minecraft to make a dynamite cannon - then all your opponents will tremble in fear.

Advantages of a gun

how to make minecraft dynamite gun

If you think about how in Minecraft to make a dynamite gun, then you should pay attention to the fact that it has some advantages who will be able to dispel all your doubts. First, is the power for the indicator with this weapon is unmatched by any other model in the game. But note the second point - you can shoot from this gun is absolutely everything you want. You can charge as the core, and ordinary stone, pickaxe or even a mob. Naturally, this makes the process not only diverse, but also fun, since nobody prevents you bring down the rain of enemy mobs. Accordingly, you still need to know how in Minecraft to make a dynamite gun, as it will be your main trump card against any opponent.


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Laying the foundations

dynamite cannon in minecraft 1 5 2

To Start with, you will need an incredibly durable material. If you are going to understand how in Minecraft to make a dynamite gun, you need to understand that the power of the charge in this case is simply incredible, and most of the materials will simply disintegrate into tiny pieces. You can choose diamond, but in this case it will turn out incredibly expensive gun - let and very durable. Much cheaper and no less durable option is obsidian. It will get much easier, and in strength he is not particularly inferior to the diamond. You need to lay out the shape of a gun - is that it will be similar to a tub or trough. But rest assured - this option is the most rewarding and effective. Dynamite cannon in "Minecraft 1 5 2" is the most powerful weapon, so you should definitely know how to create it.

Working Principle

how to create a minecraft cannon

If you decide to deal with how to create in Minecraft gun, you should know exactly how it will function. Remember that the shape you created? You need to fill the tank with water and put the dynamites - it will act perfectly. Without water the dynamite would explode on the spot, but the water he does not do, and the result is that dynamite all his power pushes the object, which is your shell.


Well, you have created the gun and have an idea about how the shooting. However, we must also understand how to bring the weapon into action. For this you need to install on the back wall of the button that you want to connect with all the mechanism using the red dust. Will also need a couple of levers torches and repeaters from all this will depend on how the rate of gun and the range of the projectile, its velocity and other parameters. Accordingly, you can customize the created weapon, ask him / her power and used in cases when you think it's necessary.

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