What are the bitrates? How they affect the quality of the music and videos?


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Bitrate is specified as one of the main characteristics of video and audio recordings. Most users used to think that it determines the quality of the uploaded file. But what are bitrates and how they actually characterize your music files and videos? Let us consider this in more detail.

What are the bitrates?

The Bitrate is a value that displays the number of units of information (megabits or kilobits), placed in a second file playback. Accordingly, it is measured in megabits per second (Mbps) or kilobits per second (Kbps). Otherwise, the bitrate can be characterized as wide bandwidth. This feature is important for those who want to convert files because of the same duration, the larger the bitrate will increase the file. In addition to the size, and changing the sound quality. Reduce the size by lowering the bit rate is called compression.

what bitrates

Common music format MP3 is an audio file compressed to such an extent that a standard disc can hold up to 12 hours of music. The quality remains high thanks to psychoacoustic compression: from the entire range of clean sounds with the frequencies and volume levels that are not captured by the human ear. Selected sounds are generated in separate blocks, called frames. The frames have the same duration and is compressed for a given algorithm. When playing music, the signal is reconstructed from the decoded blocks in sequence.

What is normally used compression?

Audio Bitrate is mostly 256 Kbps. With this value the audio is compressed in size by approximately 6 times, so one disk can record up to 6 times more music than before compression. If the bitrate down to 128 Kbps, then one disk will fit in 12 times more music, but the sound quality will be much lower. Music recorded as 128 Kbps, is most often offered to listen to online, because in the pursuit of improving the speed of page loading resource owners go to any lengths. Many users say that its quality is far from ideal.


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audio bitrate

Now, when it became clear what the bit rates, the time to determine their optimal level. Both Amateurs and professionals endlessly debate how the bitrate affects the quality of the sound is affected, if at all. For music albums, as a rule, you specify the bitrate. The same disc recorded as 128 Kbps and 256 Kbps, and will vary in price twice.

Optimal bitrate for different listening conditions

For many people, a twelve-time compression does not pose any harm, while others argue that you can't listen to music with a bitrate lower than 320 Kbps. Paradoxically, both are right. The fact that eventually the quality of play does not depend on the degree of compression, and the conditions of play and even the type of music.

For Example, a song played on a tape recorder installed in a domestic car. In this case, the quality level of 192 Kbps will be sufficient. A higher bitrate will improve the sound quality, but the difference will not be noticeable due to the high noise level during the trip. If the music playing on your home computer or portable player, you need at least 256 Kbit/s. If the signal is not modified, is transmitted to the external device and displayed on expensive imported speakers, it is possible to resort to minimum compression. It is possible at a bitrate of 320 Kbps.

music with a high bitrate

Optimal bitrate for different music styles

Music with a high bitrate is not needed. Popular music, usually fairly good sound at a bitrate of 192-256 Kbps, the higher quality you can put, but the meaning in this: the pop songs are short-lived, so saving disk space should be a priority. In addition, the quality of the source records is also mediocre, so the higher bit rates may not affect the quality of the file being played. To listen in the transport and informal parties medium quality is enough.

If we are talking about classical music, the works of legendary rock bands or rare copyright the songs, the quality should be paramount. When purchasing this music you need to look at the bitrate specified on the packaging of the disc. If the song is downloaded from the Internet, such information must be present on the download page. In addition, the bit rate is displayed in the player during playback.

video bitrate

The Bitrates of the video files

It was stated Above that the bitrates of audio recordings. But what is the video bitrate? Given that the video is played as a sequence of sounds and images, the definition of the bitrate will be the same. The presence of sequence weights file, but ultimately the image processor is the same zeros and ones as the sounds. The principle of encryption information is the same for all file types.

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