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The Popular Russian game World of Tanks draws an audience of all ages. Due to this, she had her own komyuniti, which helps the project grow in the right direction. However, not all ideas gamers are reflected in the official publication from the developers. So there are people who create additional modifications to the game. And not all of them safe. So there are forbidden mods World of Tanks 0.9.13.

world of tanks mods is prohibited


Number of custom modifications and builds up to several hundred. And more than half of them - illegal mods for World of Tanks 0.9. Conditionally they can be divided into several groups, but somehow they are associated with the graphic component or functionality of the game.

  • "Red balls" (RedBalls). The mod highlights where fired by enemy artillery. Ideal for those who plays on Arte. The mark appears if the enemy was not highlighted. To find out whether the enemy like this mod, almost impossible, because experienced players know how to calculate the positions from which shooting is conducted, especially if you have seen the moment of firing.
  • "Pointer" is also included in the prohibited mods for World of Tanks. All the tanks adds a laser sight that you can see too. Thus, the player can immediately determine the position, which is the fire and the point of sight.
  • "auto-Aim" as you know, the most dangerous enemy mod. You only need to bring a weapon on the enemy, the rest will do the program. It will determine the weak point of the player, bring it with anticipation to movement, and you will just have to make a shot.


In World of Tanks mods, banned by developers, can affect even the graphics of the game. They don't make gameplay much easier, but their use may also result in a permanent ban of your account from the administration.


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  • "Tundra" removes card game all the vegetation. The advantage is clear - a cheater's easier to notice enemy tank.
  • X-ray shows all the tanks in a certain radius from the player, even if they hid behind an obstacle.
  • "Cross". It is no secret that many objects (such as fences), you can pierce right through armor-piercing ammunition and "gold". Mod removes them from the map, so you can always see the enemy and calmly shoot him, not paying attention to such "trifles".
  • "Free camera" is the best way to remove the replay or conduct reconnaissance of enemy positions.

banned mods for world of tanks

As you can see, mods do not do anything extraordinary. Rock still out of range, successfully hit the enemy tank still difficult. However, the information obtained at their expense, will allow experienced players to better plan their actions and not allow the enemy to approach to itself from the rear. That is why in World of Tanks mods, banned developers cannot be used.


Another interesting point. Some fashion automatiseret the player's actions. And because of this the game has special items for a higher price (and sometimes a donut), then such improvement was immediately banned by the developers.

Such modifications are: automatic repair, repair, firefighting. Yes, they still need consumables, but automating the process can save time and, therefore, the health of the tank and crew. And such an advantage can prove decisive in the battle game World of Tanks. Fashion prohibited by the administration, disrupt this delicate balance.


If you're just going to improve the graphics component of the game, the problems should arise. Change as you want the panels, menus, information about the enemy by pressing the TAB key, but do not touch interfaces that can somehow affect the game.

So, a cheater could install a mod showing reload timer over the enemy. Seemingly innocent "lotion", but it can completely turn the tide of battle, since the player will know when it is safe to go on the attack on the enemy.

banned mods for world of tanks 0 9

Remember that using illegal enhancements entails permanent (permanent) ban account World of Tanks. Fashion prohibited by the administration, though found with difficulty, but can be easily hunted down by other players, which are unlikely to be silent about this injustice. To recover your account, you can only after paying a fine. When this is lost the whole game progress received since the first application Chita, except for purchased premium tanks.

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