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Despite the fact that every day of portable technology among consumers around the world are becoming more and more, not all users know how to enable Bluetooth on the laptop, and generally whether it is built into the laptop. This article will tell readers how to determine whether their portable computer is Bluetooth and how to activate it, if it for some reason refuses to work properly.

The wireless Technology called “Bluetooth” in the last few years is at the peak of their fame. PDAs, mobile phones, and smartphones running different operating systems almost always have a built-in Bluetooth module. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that with the development of portable technology, this technology is increasingly found in laptops and netbooks. But sometimes it turns out that to enable Bluetooth on the laptop is not so easy. Let's look at the most common problems faced by owners of these devices.

For starters, you should ensure that purchased really laptop integrated module Bluetooth. Indeed, sometimes careless or not very honest sellers say with confidence that "blue tooth" (so literally you can translate the name of this technology with English language) in the portable computer built in, but really it laptop simply does not. Sometimes it is also due to the fact that the device manufacturer supplies its products with all necessary software, not by the module. This is done in the expectation that the user will install in the laptop to an external module and can use it immediately without installing additional drivers and programs.


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Before you turn on the Bluetooth on the laptop, you need to make sure that it really is available in the device. To make it simple enough – you need to look at the bottom panel of the laptop. If the device is installed in the laptop, as a rule, in this area, the manufacturer draws the logo of Bluetooth, confirming the presence of the required module. This sticker is required for licensing of built-in module and almost always guarantee its availability in the laptop. If this sticker is missing, for the full operation of Bluetooth will have to acquire appropriate external adapter.

If You are convinced that the device in the laptop is present, let's move on to considering how to enable Bluetooth on the laptop. In most cases, this is done using the same key that starts the wifi module. Find it very simply – this button almost always shows the antenna. Moreover, this key may be in a range of functional (“F1”, “F2” and so on, performing additional functions by pressing simultaneously key “Fn”) and is displayed in a separate button on the notebook.

But how to enable Bluetooth on the laptop, if after pressing the appropriate button, nothing happens? First we need to make sure the module has all the drivers installed. If they are on the hard disk of the laptop no, you can try to download and install all the necessary software directly from the website of the manufacturer. Don't forget that in some models laptop Bluetooth enable only with special programs. After installation you can find it in the system tray-the small menu in the lower right corner of the display (right next to the clock). But how to enable Bluetooth in the laptop, if the program is not installed? Again visit the official website of the manufacturer and download for your model notebook all required.

Now that you know how to enable Bluetooth on the laptop, it's time to try to connect mobile phone or Bluetooth headset (it can work in a mode of earphones and microphone) and verify the functionality of the device.

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