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Bounty Hunter – one of the characters in "DotA 2». It is to the liking of many players. Fits perfectly in team play of any peak. Allies bounty can hope for constant ganks and help in difficult situations. Opponents also have to constantly spend money on wards or dasta, and always arrive in anticipation of the appearance of this hero next.

Bounty hunter

Bounty hunter description

Bounty Hunter-this hero is melee. Its main indicator – dexterity. In the slang of the players in "the Bunker" he is known as BKH (reduction), bounty, Gondar. Metal detector Bounty Hunter has no relation to the hero. In game mode Ol take a pic of it quite often. Since playing for the bounty pretty easy. In the early stages of the game, he can stand on line and the Ministry of foreign Affairs. To farm them quite easily. Creeps can finish with the 2nd skill. After receiving the 3rd level, you can go into the forest. For a successful farm are encouraged to collect artifacts for vampirism.


The First skill Bounty Hunter-Shuriken Toss. He is 120-150 mana and rolls back 10 seconds. Damage depends on the pumping ability. On the first level – 150, last – 375. Skill is suitable for finishing off fleeing heroes of Gondor and to damage on the line. Can be used to farm creeps if you are in solo, but it's not the best idea, because a too high mana cost.

metal Detector bounty hunter

If the next character, which applied Shuriken Toss, are the characters under the action of Ulta bounty, then the skill will bounce. Blocked by Linken's Sphere but BKB breaks.

Critical hits

The Second skill – Jinadu. This is a very useful passive ability. It allows you to deal damage with a crit. Depending on flow it can range from 150 to 225 %. After hitting the Bounty Hunter the target slows movement speed and attack. This skill should be max at the first level. Rolled out gradually drops from 12 to 6 seconds. Jinada makes it easy to farm creeps at the line-even if you're solo and you to them are not allowed. Simply wait until the skill set, and to last hit a creep. If you are going to merge hero of inviza, make sure that the ability is ready. Another advantage Jinada is its usefulness at any level because the damage is given in percent.


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Bounty Hunter, Dota: inviz

Sets the style of the game and determines the strategy? Of course, the third skill is Bounty Hunter, which is one of the most important. Shadow Wolf allows Gandara to go inviz, that is, to become invisible. Before the disappearance, a short delay occurs. Under the influence of the Shadow Wolf hero can pass through the target. If the bounty makes the strike before the duration ends, then apply additional damage. Depending on the level, it ranges from 30 to 120. Ability makes it easy to run away from danger. If you are attacked by a stronger opponent, then you can go inviz and run. Also, invisibility needs to happen most of the attacks on the heroes. The scheme is simple: Bounty Hunter fits through to behind the hero and strike, ultimate then hangs and hits the enemy.

bounty hunter platinum

An Important feature is the rollback. On the last levels of Shadow of the Wolf is rolled back before the end of the application. That is actually the bounty may reside in through. This is the best result after Ricky. Gamers, play against the bounty, will have to buy blue wards or give. Will also help gem or mass silence. So BH must be careful when entering positions where the potential to be a ward.


The Ultimate Bounty Hunter can pump at the 6th level, however, as all the heroes, except Invoker. Trek is a very useful ability with low recoil. After applying on an enemy hero it lasts for quite some time. Under the influence of the Track of the hero is visible to all allies, even if he is in a dark area. Next the players get near the goal the acceleration by 25 %. The most important is the bonus in gold. After the murder of the hero under the influence of Ulta Bounty Hunter gets gold in the amount of from 125 to 350. The reward does not depend on the reason he died a hero. The allies, who were nearby, also get gold, but less than half Gondar.

DotA 2 bounty hunter

The Ultimate is very useful because it lets you to farm. Low CD and mana cost will allow you to quickly put a Track on a large number of enemy heroes. Thus, they will always be in the area of your sight and hardly able to run away from the bounty.

“DotA 2" Bounty Hunter: what to collect?

For the bounty, there are many build options. The hero can farm due to the second skill, he receives a huge amount of gold for the murder of the Track. At the primary level, he should collect Phase to increase the movement speed to catch up with the heroes in their escape. Note that the use of Phase outputs Gandara of inviza.

In the middle of the game, the bounty must be some serious artifacts, depending on the situation. If enemy team has a lot of scannerul or you often the counter, placing wards, you need to do the Assembly on the HP. For example, Sasha-Yasha or even a Heart. The first additional attack speed and movement, so it can be called universal. To avoid the effects of enemy skills, suitable BCB.
bounty hunterdota

The bounty hunter is Kerry, so he must be artifacts on the attack. Often collect Spit or Battle fury. You can also make a Butterfly, but its components are quite expensive, because before that it is necessary to efficiently examine the progress of the game. If it is delayed, it is possible to buy a Rapier. After that, one of Crete Jinada almost certainly will carry half HP thin characters or even kill them. But you have to be careful, because if the subject of after death passed into the hands of the other team, the game can be reversed.

“DotA 2" for bounty hunter there are many different things. Sets class RAR noticeably change the appearance. Also repeatedly appeared information about the release of Seth the Bounty Hunter Platinum.

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