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YouTube offers a lot of interesting and useful information, but at the same time, it hosts content that it is better not to see the children. For their protection, and to protect himself from unwanted video there is a function to prevent the display of video 18, videos that contain scenes of violence and other materials.

However, there are times when it becomes unnecessary. So how to disable safe mode on "YouTube"? For this you need only to scroll any page to the bottom, click the “Security” and select “Off”. If the button is not detected, it means that the user is not logged on the website and, accordingly, the function of protecting from inappropriate content, is not used.

how to disable safe mode YouTube

Fixing safe mode

If the anti-spam live enabled parents that the child had access to them, you should know about the useful features of this function. Small children can not guess how to disable safe mode, but the Teens quickly realize that they have something to hide, and would return the settings to their original state.

Therefore, click on the link “to Fix safe mode on this browser" and enter your Google account password. After these steps, any user who does not know the code, can disable a protective function. This allows you to protect the child from the forbidden video but also from the materials available through the Google search engine. Mode works even after logout.

There are negative – to be fully protected from inappropriate content will fail, because not show only those videos flagged by users as spam.

Using the security mode on Android

Most Windows users know about the existence of safe mode that allows to boot the operating system with the minimum settings for Troubleshooting. Only few people know about the existence of the same mode on Android. Feature helps when you hang the device because of the many installed apps, as it only runs system programs.


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But what if you already do not need the safe mode Android? How to disable this feature? There are 4 ways:

  1. Take out the battery from the device for half a minute, and then reinsert it and boot the system.
  2. Reboot to Android and when turning on hold down the button “Home”. The launch will happen in standard mode.
  3. The Third method differs from the second only in that you have to click the button that is responsible for increasing the volume.
  4. If you have not worked the steps described previously, then press the lower the volume level.

how to disable safe mode

Before you turn off safe mode, the system checks for the presence of not only extra programs and files that can harm your device.

Enable security mode on Android

Noticing slow or it hangs, you can only run a system app to fix the problem. To do this, press the off button, then appears a special window. It has trigger buttons airplane mode, mute and power. When clicking on the last and holding it a few seconds, a window appears “to Go into safe mode”. The system will reboot and in the lower left corner will be informed about enabled.

safe mode Android how to disable

But it works if you use Android 4.1. Older versions do not have the above functions, and users have absolutely no idea how to turn off safe mode. In this case, the pressed keys increase and decrease the volume (when you turn on the system after came the manufacturer's logo).

Firefox in security mode

To Enable safe mode in Firefox allows you to disable apps and themes established earlier and is the source of any problems with the browser. If the program is already running, go into safe mode by pressing the tab “help”, which is located in the main menu. There is available the function of “Restart with add-ons disabled". Its activation will restart Firefox. Before you turn off safe mode, you should verify the correction of problems.

how to disable firefox safe mode

In the case when the browser is not running or does not open, need to click on it while pressing Shift, then a window appears “to Continue in safe mode». The third method of enabling secure mode the following: in the seventh version of Windows you need to open the “start” and in the search box to enter firefox-safe-mode, then press the enter key. These steps should lead to the emergence of a window of transition in the security mode.

Out of safe mode in the browser

Enabling this feature, the user is deprived of the many benefits available in the Firefox browser. How to turn off safe mode in this program? It is sufficient to close all Windows and start the browser again.

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