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The Game Spin Tires 2014 is currently very popular. Accordingly, many users experience different kind of questions. Today we will talk about one of the problems that often faces players Spin Tires. How to open the card, it will tell you in this article. In fact, it can be done in several ways and today we decided to talk.

Spin Tires: how to open map

spin tires how to open mapFor a complete answer read this article to the end. In order to view the map in this game, you just need to use the F1 key. But in some cases this action can be performed in a completely different way. For example, if you play on a laptop. After the map opens, you will be presented on the display of the area that you had time to explore. The rest of the space is closed black. Accordingly, the area you have yet to explore. The open card (the hill Spin Tires) gives you a number of different advantages. In addition, you will be able after the passage of this section to obtain additional features.


To explore the map, you just need to go directly to the center of the mysterious terrain. Remember that you can trap various dangers. After you will visit the enigmatic place, you will need to reopen the map. Then you will be able to notice new items on it that are already open.


open map spin tires the hillSo we decided to put at the beginning of the material question about the game Spin Tires. How to open a map you already know. It only remains to add a few words. If you wish to continue the passage, you will have to face various difficulties and obstacles on your way. On the map you can zoom in. Know this is only the professionals. For this it is necessary twice to click the mouse on the selected area. As a result, he will be much increased. If you wish to reduce the size, then click again twice on the right mouse button. Now you know everything necessary about Spin Tires. How to open a map and use it, we described in detail above. It remains to add that the game is actually challenging, and beginners should begin his career in the arcade version, and only by understanding its essence, go to the simulator. In the second mode, there is a number of additional problems. At the first crash will have to seriously consider how to set the car on the wheels. We recommend to use the official version of the game.

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