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Some players from time to time thinking how to get engaged in "Avataria" and a wedding here. In fact, this issue is resolved quickly and easily. Just need to know some of the nuances of the process. For example, the rules of engagement. They exist everywhere. Please note that "Avataria" is a game that is as close to real life. So, everything will happen here on a similar to get engaged in avataria

Registration Rules

The First thing you should pay attention - the game has certain limitations. And if they do not comply, will not be once and for all to decide for themselves the question of how to be engaged in "Avataria". Fortunately, the rules here are not so much. To remember them easily.

For Example, same-sex marriage is forbidden in the game. A girl can't be engaged to a girl, and guy on guy. No matter how you try to embody this idea in life you will not leave.

Engagement is the marriage. And make an offer hands and hearts are capable of only guy. Girl "haul away" there are no any forces. This function simply does not. Wondering how to get engaged in "Avataria" with a guy? You have to make sure that he made you an offer.

At any point, the engagement (wedding) to interrupt. But in this case, the relationships between the players deteriorate. In principle, nothing special in this process - everything in to get engaged in avataria with a guy


How to be engaged in "Avataria"? First you need to enter the stage of Dating. You need to find a guy (or girl), get to know him/her, and make friends. This is an integral part of the process.

Note that without friendship and add a user to your friends list (in-app) you will not be able to get married. Secretly, this idea in life is also not embodied. So skip the friendship period is impossible.

Improve relationships

After you made friends with someone have to do with this player relations. Moreover, if you are interested in how to get engaged in "Avataria", you need to constantly work on your communication. And become a couple.


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It will have a good try. Do with the girl/guy of joint action, give each other gifts, have fun - all of which can improve your relationship, suitable for the implementation.

But to do different nasty things to each other is impossible. It is generally prohibited. That can lower the level of relations, the future couple will have to forget. In any case, with respect to each other. Once you become friends, you can declare themselves a couple. This step as friendship, skip will not work. So, if you're wondering how to get engaged in "Avataria", stocked with patience, time and energy - all actions in this game need to get engaged in avataria girl


Well, we almost got to a final solution of our present problem. How to get engaged in "Avataria" with a girl? For this purpose, as has been said, you have to have a close relationship with the selected player. And thus your character needs to be a guy. Girl on girl can't be engaged. You already became a couple? Then the answer is very close.

You can Now kiss and hug. By all means try to raise the level of your relationship, when paired with a particular player. Do not forget that the engagement should be close to real life. To get married, you'll need to buy in the store rings and costumes. Next, make a proposal to the girl with the purchased "item" and if she agrees, you will be able to negotiate a holiday. Set a date, time and place of the celebration - it's done. That's easy, the question is how to get engaged and to get engaged in "Avataria". It is actually possible to translate an idea into reality in just a few days.

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