Two-sided printing, or Save paper and time


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Double-sided printing of documents - a great invention that not only save paper, but also help to save time.

Almost all printers have the duplex printing function 2 run, i.e. after it is printed one side of a sheet, will display a message asking you to turn over the sheet and re-fill it to the printer. Often at this stage an error occurs, the paper is in the printer in the wrong position, and the user is forced to re-print the damaged sheet. A dubious way to save time and save trees from pulp and paper mill.


Now, However, the received distribution device through which the duplex printing can be carried out in one run. No turned over and thought, no doubt, what kind of party to fill the sheet in the printer tray! Printing is performed simultaneously on both sides!

Here worth investigating. Not every printer has this feature before you get into its settings, check specific model for availability. As a rule, large office bunk cars have such an ability, but domestic - only in exceptional cases.

IN addition, installed on the printer, it may not provide such feature, although the design of the MFP may allow duplex printing. If it is known that device provides two-sided printing on the printer, you should look for the manufacturer's website the appropriate drivers.

When all necessary software is updated, should betwo-sided printing on the printer to configure the printer. This can be done using the included device instructions, a copy of which can be found in electronic form on the website of the manufacturer. If two sided printing is not required continuously, but only intermittently, it is possible to change this setting, press "printer Properties" in the window that is displayed in Microsoft Word after clicking on "File-print" or Ctrl+P. In the case if the device doesn't provide it, we can only use software tools text editor.


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In order to print two-sided Word successful, should be in the above window, which is displayed on the screen after running the command for printing the document, tick the "duplex printing". This item will appear in the window anyway, but the document will be ready only in 2 of the run. So it is better to learn how to print a duplex document on a specific printer which side to put paper in the tray below the second run was successful.

duplex wordTwo-sided printing on a complex of office printers can be configured automatically, i.e. any document will be printed in the bilateral form, if the user does not specify settings in a text editor otherwise.

Undoubtedly, the duplex printing is very handy. With its help you can save a great time to print the necessary materials, especially in significant volumes. Therefore it is necessary, first, to carefully choose a home printer, and secondly, once to Tinker with the settings to later enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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