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Today, there are a huge number of file formats sometimes it is difficult to immediately determine what type of file is one or the other: to video, graphics, text or files.

In this article we will talk about the expansion of the TGA and TGA.TX will also show you how to open TGA files. You can be sure, there will always be software to open almost any format, or at least viewing, including the above-mentioned. Otherwise such formats would not be used.

What is the file format with the extension TGA?

how to open tga

Many people know TGA Extension as a TARGA, that is, the format of bitmap graphics file which developed by Truevision (currently Avid). The name TARGA is the abbreviated name from the full Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter, and the abbreviated name of the TGA can be decrypted as follows: Truevision Graphics Adapter.

Having dealt with the concept, I understand that for working with data files there is no need to purchase expensive software. Now describe how to open TGA files. To open files is enough of a simple – the viewer of graphic files.


tga extension how to open

Imagine — it's quite intuitive and comfortable graphical browser. Small size program, which weighs in at about 1MB, maybe even on a weak computer to open and show the file to the TGA format.

Imagine can work with a whole range of image formats, from common graphic files JPG, GIF, BMP, completing less popular formats, TGA, TIFF, etc.

A Set of functions to Imagine to cope with the massive change in the size or name of the group of files so-called batch processing. Imagine allows you to edit images: crop them, rotate, and create basic effects.

We Continue to talk about the extension TGA. How to open the program Imagine? There is nothing easier! Click on the file icon with the extension twice with the left mouse button, but before that, do not forget to associate the files with that extension with the program Imagine. You can also use another way-drag-and-drop. Simply dragging a file into the working area of the program.

Consider, how to open TGA.TX still. In Windows, MacOS, Linux.

Programs for Windows

For working with files that have the extension TGA, in Windows there is a series of software, namely: “Photoshop”, “Photoshop Elements”, “Adobe Illustrator”. “coral”, “Adobe Flash professional” and many other products.

Programs for MacOS and Linux

how to open tga tx

Now it's time to talk than to open TGA files in the MacOS environment?

The program Selection here is also quite extensive, this is the same "Adobe Photoshop”, “Adobe Photoshop Elements”, “Adobe Illustrator" Snap Converter, GIMP, “Adobe Flash" and possibly the use of other programs for viewing, editing and creating graphic files compatible with MacOS.

We Continue to discuss the extension TGA. How to open it in an operating system based on Linux kernel?

In this case, the program list is less extensive, but there exists software able to solve the problem. For example, the program GIMP, which works in any Linux graphical environment.

To summarize, we can say one thing: whatever operating system may be installed on your personal computer, you will always find software to open files with almost any extension.

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