How to burn videos to disc from your computer?


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Of Course, today the Internet is everywhere, and in fact the need to record any video, audio or any other files on removable media is not as popular as before. However, there are situations that you need to record a new movie or your own videos from computer to disk.

How easy it is to learn how to burn video to a disk?

The funny thing is that to figure out how to record video to disk computer, for beginners can be very difficult. The file size is greater than disk capacity, the record fails.

How to burn video to disc

But today, there are two guaranteed ways to write video files to disk from your PC:

  • Use standard Windows account.
  • The Use of special programs (such as Isobuster, Nero Burning ROM).

By the way, if there is a original disk with the film or anything else, you can use special tools to copy the disk, then to rewrite.

The Standard way to record a video

So, the easiest, but not always working for some file formats the way – use standard operating system tools.

For starters, you need to insert a blank disc into the DVD drive (the disk must be both CD and DVD).

Once the system recognizes a ready “pig” (empty disk), you can begin adding files. This method shows how to burn video to DVD in just a few clicks of the mouse, so that inexperienced users have to deal with him for a few minutes.

How to burn videos to disc with the computer

Important! If you inserted a blank disc, Windows should open the autorun menu where you should choose the specific item. If not, you should double-click with the left mouse button on the icon DVD-ROM drive ("My computer" – DVD-ROM).


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So, after I opened the autorun menu, select “With CD/DVD player”. Also in this window you need to choose a name for your disk. This must be done before you record the video to disk.

After you click “Next” this opens a special window, where, in fact, need to add the required video files. When all files transferred, you must click the right mouse button directly in the source window and select “burn to disc”.

The Last step is waiting until the system records the disk (the time can vary from several minutes to an hour, depending on the size and video quality).

Formats of recorded video files

There is another important point to consider – what video format to record to disk so that it opened. There are dozens of different video configurations, but not all are played on standard DVD players. Modern home theaters have in their Arsenal more video and then the PC can not be compared.

Therefore, the most popular today formats are: AVI, MOV, WMV and VOB.

Now, you should consider each video format separately.

How to burn video to dvd disc

An AVI file can be played back on all drives. The only drawback is that you need to consider when writing is the format of audiorama, as sometimes happens, what seems to have recorded fine, but when playing no sound.

MOV-files – here are the videos require the playback device to the presence of additional codecs. Actually, it's not even a single format, but a whole range of files that perform a common function – play video clips.

WMV-files-in principle, this video format is no different from the AVI, with the only difference that WMV could not be opened on some type of DVD receivers.

Burning discs with the help of special programs

But for the more “advanced” users there is another way to record video to disk computer. For this there are a number of programs. And one of the best representatives is Nero Burning ROM. With NERO you can burn any disc, including a professional DVD. Importantly, DVD-ROM supported disks this type.

So, to figure out how to burn DVD using NERO, will need three components:

  • Computer or laptop;
  • A blank disc (CD, DVD or Bluray);
  • Installed the Nero Burning ROM program.

For the information! Version NERO software depends on which operating system is installed on the PC.

Record video onto a disc using Nero Express: phase 1

The first step is to insert a blank disc into your DVD drive. Then, in most cases, open the autorun menu.

If the PC has installed the recording software, you can choose from. After Nero starts up and recognizes the disc, you need to select the partition. There are several options:

  • A Section “Data” - data CD/DVD.
  • A Section “Video”.
  • BluRay disk.
How to burn video on DVD disc

If the user chose the first or the second way how to record videos to disk, then this disk will play on any receiver. As for the BluRay, not every DVD-ROM can recognize this way, and secondly, you can use it only on high-end video systems.

One More thing – when you select “video” you can create a multi-drives with support for active menu and various effects (e.g., karaoke or a few movies, choice)

Step 2

On the second stage, you need to choose the video file and add it to the program window. The green indicator at the bottom shows how much disk space is already occupied. This means that if the user cannot figure out how to record video on DVD-ROM using "Nero" (popping up the error, inactive button “Next”), it is likely that the volume of the attached files exceeds the allowed disk space and something will have to be removed.

If the button “Next” is available, then you can go directly to the record. For this you need to choose the speed at which the CD will be recorded.

What video format to record to disk

Important! Despite the fact that, the higher the speed, the faster will be written disk, it is better to choose a 4-8x. The only way to ensure a quality recording, without errors sectors.

In addition, it should be noted two points in the window – ‘verify data after writing to disk” and “allow add files”.

The First item you can burn performing a more reliable record, and the second is relevant to RW discs (rewritable).

After finishing the write process, the program will notify you that the verification and data entry completed. DVD-ROM will open automatically. Ready – the program can be closed and the disc to use on another device.

Capture of video disc

There is another way how to record videos to disk, more precisely to make a copy of it in full. For this, again using program like Nero, only with a slightly different sequence.

How to burn DVD using programs

Need to open the program and select the section “Image, project, copy”. It indicates the item "Create image", then Nero will start the internal compilation is inserted into the DVD drive.

When imaging is completed, the drive will open and you will need to insert a blank disk (be sure to look at the storage to have enough space to write). When a new “pig” inserted DVD-ROM is closed and there is a complete copy of the disk, preserving all its qualities and functions.

So, how to capture video files on any disc format PC quite a lot, and each of them has its advantage, be it saving time or recording quality.

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