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I guess every gamer has ever played in a game like Counter-Strike, so almost everyone knows that special AWP rifle no sight, making shooting from the hip gives a lot of inconvenience. Not everybody likes the standard sight for each weapon, so there are many console commands CS: GO for a run. This article focuses on how it is most convenient to adjust the sight for themselves, using standard game console directly during the game.


Console games – a special terminal used for small settings. In some games, right through there, you can call various functions, even third-party programs. In Counter-Strike console can, of course, not so much, but still is almost the main instrument for any professional player, after all, it is possible to configure such an important detail, as the target.

console commands for cs: go crosshair

In CS: GO there is only 2 of the latter: dynamic and static. From the name it becomes clear that one of them doesn't change your view when firing, and the other, on the contrary, strongly indicates the circumference of the bullet spread. Each of them in its own comfortable, but professional players use console commands CS: GO for run, thus, just modifying the game.

But there is another option. So, if you are in doubt about the configuration of your sight, on the Internet there are sights for CS: GO console commands which only need to enter in the command line, then the sight will be identical to what you have chosen. By the way, some professional players and post your settings.


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Setup the scope in CS: GO console commands

First of all, you must purchase a licensed copy of the game, because some console commands do not work in its pirated version, but if you use this, choose the servers on which it is possible to automatically select a sight. There are also special cards where each player can calibrate your sight, not even using console commands.

setting the scope in cs go console commands

Instructions on how to enable console in the game:

  1. Fully install the latest version (recommended a license), because with each new version there are all new and new functions.
  2. Go to settings, then look for "game Settings". Among the various options will be "developer Console" put a tick next to it.
  3. If the standard key is “E” is not suitable to activate the console, then replace it in the keyboard settings by selecting the “Console” and assign a different key.

How to install console commands CS: GO to run:

  1. Start Counter-Strike, then go to game mode with bots or a special card where you placed the target for firing.
  2. Activate the game console and choose the settings you want to change.

Here are all possible parameters and their meanings are:

  • “cl_crosshairstyle 0” - this function is responsible for the display mode of the sight. 0 – dynamic 1 – static, 2 – classic. 3 and 4 the same as 1 and 0, only in the classic version.
  • “cl_crosshairdot 0” - a value of 0 and 1 is responsible for displaying the dots inside the scope. 0 – no points, 1 – there are.
  • “cl_crosshaircolor" - the color run. 5 – specified color, 4 – blue, 3 – blue, 2 – yellow, 1 – green and 0 – red sight.
  • “cl_crosshairalpha 0” - feature is responsible for the transparency of sight. The minimum value 0 and maximum value 255, it is thus possible very accurately to calibrate transparency.

ready sights for cs: go console commands

Besides these properties, there are many others. You can view them directly in the game console by writing just "cl_”, which brings up a list of possible settings of the sight.

Console commands CS: GO for AWP crosshairs

A Feature of the rifle, the AWP is that its scope is completely absent in the mode of shooting from the hip. This brings quite the inconvenience. Fortunately, the console command without problems and solve the problem.

console commands for cs go crosshair awp

Console commands CS: GO for AWP crosshair:

  1. Go to the game with bots.
  2. Activate the console by pressing the key assigned.
  3. Enter the command “weapon_debug_spread_show", and in the end the value of the variable. 3 – static scope, 2 – dynamic and 0 – by default.
  4. Click confirm and enjoy the sights for AWP.

In conclusion

I Hope that this article about the console commands in CS: GO for sight has helped you to adjust it effortlessly. Again, many professional players post their settings of the sight. You should pay attention to them, because these people, like anyone else, understand the settings of this game, which are many, and they are all situational.

Article in other languages:

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UK: https://tostpost.com/uk/komp-yuteri/36040-te-scho-treba-znati-pro-konsol-nih-komandah-cs-go-dlya-pric-lu.html

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