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The tracert Command is used for triggering a diagnostic utility that determines the route of the traffic in the network. This program is present in most modern operating systems. Utility is used mainly for testing and identifying problem areas in the network.

Checking the tracert command?

the Command tracertTracert sends to the destination requests like ping. Noticing that the user typed the tracert command, Windows sends specially marked packets that reach the first gateway back to the user's computer. At the same time in the received data contains information about the node that returned it. Then it sends the following request in the body which is already an indication to skip to the previous gateway.

Serial sending packages to get the full route information from the user's computer to any host on the Internet or local network. Thus, the tracert command is a necessary tool for diagnosing problems, enabling identification of the plot on which packets are lost.

Running the tracert command in Windows

To Start the utility check network route in Windows from the command line. In the operating system versions below 8 to open the command line interface, just click “start-Run”, and type cmd. Windows 8 will have to access the menu “All programs” and find the entry for “Command prompt”. In any version of the OS you can also use the key combination Win+R.


the tracert Command windows

Once in the command prompt, enter tracert where is you can specify any domain name or IP address. This will launch the utility with the default settings.

The keys of the tracert command

Running an advanced user, contains the tracert command key descriptions. You can call it just by typing in the command tracert with the -? parameter.

Here is a short description of the parameters supported by the tracert command:

  • -h specifies the maximum number of transitions that can be executed when the search target host.
  • -d forbids the team to attempt to convert the IP address of an intermediate gateway in the name.
  • -j allows the tool to make free search of the route through the node list. The maximum you can specify is 9 routers.
  • -w specifies timeout for a response to a request from the node. If a response is not received, you will receive an asterisk. Specified in milliseconds.

By default, the maximum number of hops is limited to 30, and the wait time is 4 seconds.

Analogue in Linux

the tracert command descriptionThe Users of Linux operating system available utility with greater functionality than does the tracert command. It is called traceroute. This application differs from analog for Windows the presence of a variety of modes that are set using parameters.

Run a trace using ICMP carries the team tracertroute key –I. pay attention that this operation requires administrator permissions. With the standard settings in most distributions running the command tracertroute can be carried out by any user. In this case, it will use UDP packets, you can also force the utility to specify to use them with the parameter –U.

Asterisk in the output routes

Very often the tracert command or equivalent for Linux in some places instead of the output information about the response of the host stars. You should not see this as a mistake. This means only one thing: a particular router did not respond to a request for a predetermined period of time. Nothing wrong with that, as the reasons can be a lot. One of them – the installation of a firewall or other protection that blocks the passage of certain packets.

tracert command

What you should know about trace routes?

Tracert - a command, which is very important in diagnosing network problems. But you should consider that to be wrong, considering the output of the tracert command, simply. So no need to use trace routes as the only means of Troubleshooting.

Another reason that the trace can only indirectly indicate the problem is the difference in the routes the packets take in the Internet in different direction. Typically, a packet sent by the user before the server goes through some nodes and sent back - completely different.

Delay the packets present in the output of utilities tracert or traceroute, and have nothing to do with delays for transit packets. This is because the nature of their processing on the router. So to target them you need to be able to correctly read the command output that is quite difficult.

Utility MTR

The MTR Program exists in versions for most operating systems. Its principle of operation is very similar to tracer (traceroute). She queries the specified node for a specified period of time, thus allowing you to commit the changes of the delays.

The utility Version for Windows is called WinMTR and distributed free of charge.

checks that the command tracertThe User is given the opportunity to work with a graphical interface where you must specify the IP address or domain of the destination node to start collectingstatistics. Typically, analysis is necessary to send at least 100 packets.

Linux Users also have MTR installed separately from repositories. These operating systems typically use the console version. Available to the user a variety of options that allow you to specify the number of packets sent, the write report to a file, a timeout. Also a version for Linux can use to test specific ports or TCP packets.

What should you send to your ISP to diagnose network problems?

The server Administrator or the provider, as a rule, it is better to send the findings of the tracert command (traceroute), ping, and report utility MTR. You can certainly try to do just the latter, but the more information provided, the easier it is for the technician to find and fix the problem.

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