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Now we will talk with you about how to update Minecraft. With each new version out improvements and opportunities, which was not there before. So for a comfortable game you can think about upgrading. Let's see how you can replace the old version with the new to update minecraft

Method novichok

Before you look for answers to the question, you need to think about how upgrading any games? The answer is simple - replace the old files with new ones. And how it was done before? Overwrite!

This means that the first answer to the question about how to update Minecraft to the usual reinstall. Just search in the Internet you need, download and install it on your computer. Sometimes you need to delete the previous part. However, in most cases such need arises. So just find the required part of the toy and upload it to your computer. But there are still some good and efficient ways that will help you in solving the problem.


So, suppose you are a user with an official licensed toy, Minecraft. How to upgrade the version of the client to be comfortable to play with new features? Will understand this.

The First thing you need to connect to the Internet. Be prepared - sometimes this process can take some time. After go to the game. Now look in "Options". Now let's see what the window will pop up. Select "Express upload" and click "OK". Now wait for the process to finish. In the end confirm their actions. Now you know how to update Minecraft in a few clicks. Now you can see the remaining couple of upgrade options. We consider another related to the computer and one for mobile devices.minecraft how to update the version


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But if you should still unofficial, unlicensed version, then the upgrade will have tugovato. Here you have a few options that you can use. The first is the already described method. For this, you will have to separately download the new version of the game, and then install it on your computer. However, it is not always good. Especially when updates come out quickly, and you slowly trace the "history of development". So let's look for other ways that could be done.

For updates you can download the patch. This is approximately the same as the download of the brand new version of a particular toy. It is sufficient to find the version you need, download it and run by double-clicking. The patcher itself will do everything for you - just specify the path where you installed the game. Wait for a bit. Now restart the computer - you can enjoy the updated toy. upgrade minecraft on Android

The Last way that you can quickly deal with our present question, is the downloading of updates with the game client. Start "Minecraft". Then look in "Options". Tick "fast update", then you can safely press "Enter". Now you know how to update Minecraft on the computer. Next, get and to mobile devices.


The Popular virtual world with the ability to create things there and on the phones! But how to update Minecraft on the "Android"? It will not download the patch and install it. So I have a bit of hard time. Let's see if we can avoid unnecessary problems.

So, if your device serves you for the game, we first run the "Minecraft". Now in settings look for the "update servers". Select this option and then wait for a while. The complexity of the process is only in the fact that while downloading of the game may experience a fatal error. If after several tries you have not managed to complete the action, it is best to upload a new "part".

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