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Steven Ballmer (Steven Ballmer) – the man who for 14 years headed the company “Microsoft” (2000-2014). Surprisingly, it is not had relative to some of the founders and stood at the origins of its occurrence. Surely many questions: ‘How did he do it?” and “What kind of people?” Well, in this article you will be presented with the life story of Steve Ballmer. So, let's start.


Steve's Grandfather on the maternal side almost all his life lived in Belarus. With the outbreak of the First world war, a Jewish family, along with other refugees were forced to wander in Russia. They then split up: some relatives settled in Pinsk, constructed the bakery, and all the rest emigrated to the United States.

Steve Ballmer was born in Detroit in 1956. The boy's mother was a local resident, and father – Frederick – emigrated from Switzerland and worked as a Manager in the firm “Ford Motor”. Perseverance and the will of the father had a strong influence on the character of Steve. He was the boy for everything.

Steve Ballmer


After Graduating in 1973, school, Ballmer, Steve realized that the profession of his father, he can only get at Harvard. During his studies, the young man did not only visit various courses and studying literature. He was actively involved in student life: head of the football team, published in a couple local publications, etc. by Hard work he earned the respect and prestige, gradually becoming one of the best students. And here is the result of his determination – bachelor's degree (Economics and maths) and a diploma with honors.


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But more important was another event that happened within the walls of educational institutions. Bill gates and Steve Ballmer met in Harvard. This has had a significant impact on a young person's life and determined his career.

First job

After graduating in 1977, Steve Ballmer took a job in “Procter & gamble”. For two years he held the position of assistant Manager of sales and production. Ballmer was given the soul, but the employees of the company such zeal was not. So Steven decided to leave the company.

bill gates and Steve Ballmer

Stanford business school

In 1979 a young man he enrolled in Stanford business school. Before the start of classes Ballmer actively communicated with bill gates. At that time, the company “Microsoft” was already quite competitive, but Stephen didn't even think to work there. His decision to study was solid and well thought through. And he went to business school.

Job Search

After finishing the first course Ballmer Steve began looking for a summer job. First he contacted the company «Ford», where he offered his own experience in the field of establishing investment projects. But in the 80s the car industry in the US experienced a crisis and work in this area did not promise any prospects. And at this moment in the life of Stephen came bill gates, who urgently needed a Manager. The young man had taken a radical decision: he left the business school and went head first into the field of information technology.

biography of Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer at Microsoft

His work in the company began in June 1980. Then the state had only 23 employees. Gates offered him $50 thousand a year plus stock options of the company. By the way, at the moment 80 % of equity Steve stock stored in the “Microsoft”.

After 18 years, Ballmer became President of the Corporation. And in January 2000, after the departure of bill gates, Stephen has held the post of Executive Director, where he worked for another 14 years. In addition to the gates, he worked for the “Microsoft” the longest. And now, thanks to the work done, the phrase “Steve Ballmer”, “Information technology» and «Computer revolution” have become synonymous.


In mid-2011 at a conference in new York the head of a major hedge Fund “Greenlight capital,” David Einhorn said that the hero of this article need to resign. The main reason was: because of the decisions of Ballmer, the software giant has significantly slowed the pace of development and lost a position in the IT markets. Einhorn believes that the work of Stephen led to years of price stagnation of the stock “Microsoft” and the loss of a significant part of the market of mobile computers and Internet services. “Greenlight capital,” owns 9 million shares of this company, therefore, the hedge Fund is interested in the development of the company, not in its retrogression.

Two years Later, it became known about the impending departure of Ballmer from his post as Executive Director, what happened in 2014.

Steve Ballmer information technology

Personal qualities

Steven is known for its demands on staff. Enthusiasm, discipline and energy of Ballmer having a reputation as a dynamic, sincere, purposeful man with a great sense of humor, passed on over the years, all the staff “Microsoft”. Steve said: “I want the whole staff of the company shared my enthusiasm with regards to our services and products. I want people to realize what great opportunities are concluded in our programs, making a business successful, and the rest – opinion”. To recognize the superiority of products “Microsoft” over the rest of Ballmer ready randomly gesticulating and shouting. The leadership and enthusiasm of this man was evident from the beginning of his work in the company.

On the other hand, Steven has always been distinguished by temper and eccentricity. This is confirmed by hundreds of publications in the press and on the Internet on the judicial process between the “Google” and “Microsoft”. Employees who chose Google as a new job, eloquently described the edginess of Steve. During resignation, they had to listen to offensive phrases and Dodge flying furniture. Ballmer himself said that as excessive inflating a minor incident.

Steven Ballmer steven ballmer

Personal life

The Company “Microsoft” helped Ballmer not only in career but in your personal life. He was married to the employee of this company by the name Connie Schneider, who worked in the Department of public relations. She gave birth to Steve with three children.

Interesting fact

There is another very interesting point, which discloses not the each of his published biography. Steve Ballmer plays in “Halo” on the Xbox. This computer game in the genre of FPS was developed by the company «Bangui" and released “Microsoft” in 2001.

Current work

Immediately after his retirement Stephen has acquired basketball club “Los Angeles clippers”, which manages to this day. The amount of the transaction amounted to $2 billion.


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