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In this article we will get acquainted with the Backspace key: consider its primary purpose, determine where it is on the keyboard and than stands out from other keys. At the end of reading this article you will learn all about this key.

Reviewing Backspace

backspace on the keyboard

Before you start working on your personal computer, you need to be familiar with the Backspace key. The main purpose of which is to return the cursor one position followed by removal of the symbol in that place.

Unfortunately, with the press of a button only deletes one character, which is extremely inconvenient when you need to remove a large amount of text. However, to remove a greater number of characters, the text can first select, and then press the Backspace key.

In order To better remember the main function of this button it should translate from the English language. “Back” is translated as “reverse” and “Space” - “space”. However, the function of this button may change depending on what application you are using.

For example, in browsers, the key combination Alt + Backspace to return to the page previously viewed.

Location keys and its difference from the rest

Before you can use the acquired knowledge, you need to understand only one thing - where is the Backspace? Typically, this key is located in the right corner of the keyboard. Unlike other buttons on the keyboard, the Backspace has a number of visual features, namely:

  • Drawn the arrow to the left;
  • The inscription with its name.

Depending on the type and model of the keyboard, its position may change. You need to consider the fact that quite often on laptops Backspace key is not its name, but only drawn the arrow to the left. What an inexperienced user may fall into confusion.



Summing up the above, we can understand that the key plays not the last role when working in a text editor and not only. Understanding its importance helps to improve the quality of the texts and work with its formatting.

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