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Firm Samsung is among the world leaders in the production of laser printers and multifunction devices. According to experts, one of the most successful of this manufacturer became a line Xpress. The main highlight of the device, which it included, was the use of a simple wireless connection, known as NFC. The Samsung Xpress M2070W, a review of which is presented in this article is a great example of the multifunctional device of high quality, it will be a great help in the office and when working at home.

samsung Xpress M2070W

General description

The Device is made in classic gray and black colors. Its dimensions are 40,6 x of 35.96 x 23.5 cm, weight-7.5 kgs. The scanner occupies the top part of the Samsung Xpress M2070W. Reviews many users positively characterize convenient movable joints, which significantly simplify working with large documents and thick books. Also on top is the output tray capacity of 100 pages. Underneath the developers have set the port to connect to the computer. Input tray-150 sheets is at the bottom. The small screen on two lines with a set of illuminated buttons acts as the control panel model is Samsung Xpress M2070W.

The instructions in illustrated form, which is attached to the device along with all the necessary drivers on the disk will help to quickly understand the operation of even a beginner. With it, all keys are intuitive to use.


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Technical features

The Model is equipped with a processor with a clock frequency of 600 MHz, and memory, whose size is 128 MB. This ensures continuity and relatively high speed of the device. The maximum print resolution is 1200 x 1200 pixels per inch. In addition to the standard paper, the model is Samsung Xpress M2070W can work with film, cotton and recyclable materials. Along with this, the format of the materials is in the range from 216 x 356 mm to 76 x 127 mm, and their density – 60 to 163 g/m

samsung Xpress M2070W manual


As noted above, the invention relates to multifunctional. In the list of its features includes a black-and-white copying, colour scanning and monochrome laser printing. The Samsung Xpress M2070W is able to copy to sheet 1 of the average 9 seconds. It should be noted the fact that the first one will appear after about 14 seconds. After the so-called warm-up speed will increase. The scanner is equipped with a matrix CIS and supported by the most modern standards. Along with this save the documents solely on the connected computer. In print mode, the model quickly produces an average of 20 pages per minute. There is also a function of duplex printing, however you need to manage it manually.

Main advantage

The Main highlight of the Samsung Xpress M2070W and at the same time, a key advantage of the device is the presence of wireless connectivity to mobile devices and print directly from them. This device is equipped with a module Wi-Fi. To ensure a comfortable remote printing includes a function of Google Cloud Print. By downloading the relevant application on the smartphone, the owner can directly print the desired file. This requires your gadget to open the document and present it to the NFC tag that is located in the upper part of the apparatus. In addition, the model provides the ability to send scanned files back – straight to your smartphone.

samsung xpress m2070 reviews

Printing Costs

To print the multifunctional device uses a black toner cartridge. Starter consumable that comes in the kit, is a stripped-down capacity. In other words, it will be enough to print up to 500 pages. After that, the user will need to purchase the full cartridge for 1000 sheets, which will reduce the cost of printing, albeit slightly. In General, purchase costs of consumables are quite high. Most owners of the model call it the biggest drawback. Along with this, not to mention the fact that a similar problem is typical of other similar devices from this manufacturer. Alternatively, the flash apparatus, turning off the control chip. However, this procedure also can not be called cheap.

samsung xpress m2070w review


Summing up, it should be noted that the multifunction device Samsung Xpress M2070W can be called an example of excellent quality, despite the relatively high costs of implementing printing. Modest dimensions, in combination with easy handling and high speed make it very convenient to work with tablets, smartphones and other mobile gadgets. The device will be a great help both at home and in the office, where particularly appreciated the reliability and performance of equipment. The possibility of operating without wires and components will satisfy even the demanding user.

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