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Often PC users believe that the more powerful the processor the higher the computer performance. They are right, but only partly. The processor greatly affects the speed of information processing. However, to characterize the performance of the car should be based on an assessment of all its components.

Windows 7 is most clearly represented, how is the performance of the computer on the basis of the operation of the main components of the system. To display the characteristics needed using the start button to enter control Panel and open Counters and performance tools. If control Panel cannot find the item, adjust the settings panel by checking in the Preview window tick the category to Small icons.

The Index of computer performance and system is determined by the lowest evaluation of its components. For example, if Processor speed or Memory as you will receive 7.5 points, and the work of the hard drive barely pull in 5, the Overall rating will be as minimal – 5 points.

This performance characteristic of the device reflects only the operation of the equipment systems which, at least, can be replaced with a new one. If there is a need to improve performance and increase computer performance, then there are many methods that do not require additional capital investments.

Disabling unused programs running in the background

This procedure will allow to free up the memory and CPU usage. Control Panel you must log in to the administrative tools folder And start the application Configuration system. In the tabs startup and Services uncheck the boxes with programs that are not required to run at startup of the operating system.


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Clean up and defragment hard disk

The performance of the system depends largely on the work of the Winchester. If the hard drive is cluttered to the limit, the braking computer is secure. Recommended free memory on it, for modern operating systems, should be at least 10-15 GB.

Disk Defragmenter will allow you to organize stored data and freeing space to record. To start the defragmentation process should go via start, Computer, select local disk and in Properties, in the tools tab, click defragment.

Delete unused programs and cleaning the registry

Many programs installed with the operating system or at the time of purchase may not be necessary in the future. Such applications should be removed, as even inaction, they consume a specific system resource and affect the performance of your computer.

The Remote application usually leave “footprints” in the system registry, so it should also be periodically cleaned. For this you can use a special program created to clean and optimize computers, for example, free AnVir Task Manager, CCleaner, Glary Utilities and others.

Add memory and increase swap file

Even the most powerful processor will not be able to work in full force if it does not support a decent amount of RAM. When you upgrade your computer this fact should be given special attention.

The page File that is reserved on the hard disk is used as an alternative to RAM. To change this setting in the System window, you should find a link to advanced settings and in the opened window, in the Advanced tab, under Performance click on Settings. Then on the Advanced tab, looking for the Edit button and set the required values.

Check for viruses and malware

Viruses and unauthorized programs, typically living an independent life, except that cause unrecoverable damage to the operating system and information on your hard disk, you can put a heavy load on virtually all components of the device, reducing their impact. In order to increase computer performance, you should periodically clean its programs-antivirus.

Rating of antivirus programs

Antivirus programs running in the background, checking all system activities, identifying deviations in its work. And the more actively they are looking for. the more demand of CPU resources. Here it is necessary to explore the program Settings, or to try to change the antivirus to another.

Disable visual effects and Desktop cleanup

Some of the interface options may be disabled in favor of increasing the performance of the processor, and clean the table from different kinds of “garbage” and files with more weight will relieve the memory.

Optimize Internet browser

Many modern websites are so loaded with multimedia content that sometimes even a powerful computer is not able to cope with their treatment. To eliminate inhibitions when working on the Internet, you can reconfigure the browser or change the settings for individual pages by disabling the animation, sound, scripting or plugins.

Regular restart of computer for long-term use will eliminate failures and errors that occur while running programs, and to unload the memory.

Overclocking the CPU, RAM, hard drive, graphics card will also improve the performance of your computer. However, excessive zeal in this matter may lead to failure of the propelled device. It is worth mentioning that the overall performance of the system is determined by the minimum values of its components.



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