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Currently, computer games come out with incredible frequency - every day you can read about the release of a project. Of course, not all of them gain popularity and become famous, but the fact remains - the game industry is growing and thriving. But against this background there are other, not so impressive, but at the same time related processes. For example, the creation of flash games. It would seem that who needs a tiny toy for a couple of evenings, who have no excellent physics, no realistic graphics, no elaborate plot? After all, it can give an ordinary computer game. In fact, all people are different, and they may have different needs. For example, you will not be able to lunch break at work to run a full game and spend as much time as I should have. And flash games, this can be done very easily. And they always have some interesting logical component, such as "Forest temples". About this small but very exciting game, and will be explained later.

Basic principle

forest temples

So you've downloaded the game "Forest temple" - it took you not much time, because the size of the project in contrast to the full-scale of games is extremely small. What do you do next? What requires you to this game? In it you are given control of two creatures - a boy-fire and girl-water. Of course, they are for a reason - you have to collect red crystals, and blue flowers, and the boy can only collect red, and the girl, respectively - only blue. In addition, along the way you will encounter areas filled with water or lava. If the boy falls into the lava, then nothing will happen, but if it will be in the water, you will die and you will have to start from the beginning. Same thing with the girl - the water is harmless for her, but getting into the lava will lead to the loss. Of course, on the way you'll meet and other interactive elements, such as elevators, doors, buttons and switches, you will have to push the stones two characters and otherwise to carry out between them a mutual aid. And all this within a fairly fun and interesting puzzles, which are saturated with "Forest temples".


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Game Control

fireboy and watergirl forest temple

As you have seen, you have to control two characters at the same time. This is quite a conceptual idea that deserves attention. That is why you should definitely play in the "Forest of temples". Characters you control using just eight buttons. The boy moves when you press the buttons with arrows, and the girl when using the WSAD buttons. That's all, jump, run, avoid obstacles and collect crystals, and then you will easily pass the game "fireboy and watergirl: the Forest temple." Incidentally, the passage will take you a long time - the project has a large number of levels (about fifty), and even passing the simplest of them will take you less than two minutes.


water in the forest temple

You know the principles of the game, know how to control the characters even have an idea about who the water in the "Forest temple" will bring harm, and whom - not. It's time to deal with the abundance of levels, which you are invited to go. First, you have no choice - you need to play the training level, which will talk about the principles. But you know them already, so will pass it without problems. After that, you have to start a serious journey through increasingly complex levels of three types. The first type is basic. Here you are traveling with a boy and a girl together, it is necessary to use ingenuity - how a character should go first, and some later, who better to hold the door, and someone to run under it. So use all your mental reserves. The first level of the game "Forest temple" you may seem simple, but then everything will be much more difficult.

Parallel levels

game forest temple

The Second type, with which you will face is parallel levels. Here your characters are traveling separately from each other, but in parallel, so that the basic level adds more speed and agility - you will need to try to move the characters simultaneously, which will become more and more difficult from level to level.

Green diamond

The Last type of levels differs from the others because here you do not need to collect diamonds on the color, your goal is to get to the big green diamond. At these levels you will have to show the wonders of resourcefulness and ingenuity. But in the end, you have one goal - to collect all gems on the level and get to the exit doors as soon as possible. Doors, of course, will be two: one red and the other blue. Accordingly, the first is meant for a boy and one for girls. You will not be able to complete a level one character, and you will not be able to finish the level, if you try boy to go to the blue door, and a girl in red. Good games!

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