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Today the gaming industry is no longer limited to exclusively personal computers and consoles. The fact that smartphones and tablets are gradually taking over the world, and people constantly use these gadgets. They use them at home, at work, on the road, on vacation, at a party, and so on. Unlike fixed platforms, a smartphone or tablet always at hand, making them very handy devices. And with it opens the door to mobile developers, which to date have produced a huge number of mobile applications among which are a large number of games. Most often it is simple and straightforward, but exciting and catchy projects that easy to play. You open the app when you want, enjoy the process while you have the opportunity, and then close it, to later continue from the same place. If there is a division in levels, they get a small so you can for a minute or two to finish. In General, mobile games are reaching a new level and not less popular, than a computer.

But what's the salt "the Alchemist"? Because this game is, at first glance, not only simple, it is primitive. There is practically no graphics, not happen no event no realism. However, as it turns out, to catch users and others. To understand what it is, take a look at the passage "the Alchemist" - this will lift the veil of secrecy.

What is "the Alchemist", and what are the elements and combinations

the alchemist

"the Alchemist" is a mobile game that allows you to mix together different elements to the result is new, which also can be connected to each other. In total the game has about four hundred elements, so you will definitely have something to do if you download this game - the passage of "the Alchemist" can take a long time.


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The Principle is extremely simple - you start with four basic elements that you can breed among themselves. If you double tap on the screen, then you'll have those elements. Double-clicking on any of the icons causes it to cloning, but there is a far more convenient way that will make your game "the Alchemist" is much more fun. You can choose any of the open your items menu to put them on your desktop, and you could combine them together. In this way, and there is a passage of "the Alchemist" - you open new items, cross them together, then continue to open and crossing, until you pass the whole game.

It will be easier to navigate if you know what elements and combinations of combination can meet you in the game. So, first and foremost is the basic elements. They you have initially, the rest you can get, combining together the fact that you already have. But here, the result may be different. You can get the item that you will use next, and can access one that will not suit you - then it will be highlighted in red. But the combinations can be different - the base is a combination of two elements to produce a third. However, this is not always the case - when crossing two items you can get not one, but two, or even three. Moreover, we should not forget that between you can mix the same elements - it can give a certain result.

Basic elements

game alchemist 2

The Principle on which is based the game "the Alchemist", 2 - element crossed with one another to make something new. But initially you have only four pieces - but what? Of course, these are the basic elements - fire, earth, water and air. It is them you have to cross to get new elements, and then combined with the obtained elements. So, before you play "the Alchemist": 2 elements, which are liked you the most, can be crossed on the spot. Let's see what will give water, that is, working it with three other elements and with itself. If the two icons of water to impose on each other, get sea. Replacing one of them on fire, you get alcohol into the air steam, and the land - the swamp.

Now to the other element, the air. Will not make the crossing with water, better focus on other elements. Air link with the same sign will give you the wind if you use the ground, you get dust, in the crossing fire and air produce energy.

There are very few - pay attention to the fire. Except the above combinations you can make another by combining fire and earth and having the lava. Unfortunately, fire with fire cannot be combined. Left only the earth itself, which has already been crossed with other basic elements. But it can be combined with itself - you will get pressure. You can try to do everything on themselves, and can continue to consult with the passing game "the Alchemist", the tip here will be for all kinds of combinations.

The End

the alchemist hints

Best to Start with the description of recipes of items that then cannot be used in further production. In the passing game "the Alchemist" hints given by the application might not be obvious, but you can navigate to them. Here will be described all the possible symbol combinations, resulting in the creation of finite elements. Combining the volcano and the sea, you will receive island - your first end item. But he is not the only one, so you should consider them all. The combination of water and metal gives the rust, which also applies to this section. If the water added is not metal, but a storm, we get a Typhoon.

The Following two recipes can be attributed also to the fact that give you the ultimate element, and those in which you have two icon. The combination of fire and sea gives you steam and salt, the second element cannot be reused. The same applies to the combination of gunpowder and fire - there is already obtained, the ultimate explosion and the smoke that still can be used. By the way, you still have the fire and the alcohol that, when put together you get a Molotov cocktail, another final element.

Sometimes the combinations are simply obvious - connect the lava lamp and you will get a lava lamp. The combination of sand storm and sand storm will give. Sometimes things are not so simple, and the passing game "the Alchemist" requires the inclusion of logic - you have the fire and the egg, combine them, and you get scrambled eggs. Sometimes it is more difficult - you need to think twice to guess that the mites can get from life and dust. There are fabulous creatures - to get a ghoul, you need a corpse and a zombie. There are several special birds that you will take the passing game "the Alchemist". Phoenix you get, combining the bird and the fire, and the thunder-bird - a combination of birds and storms.

Multiple items

passage of game alchemist

Yet, stop research in the field of finite elements, because they built through the game "the Alchemist". For interest we should check out those recipes, which offer you a combination of two entities get the same amount, if not more. These recipes, of course, is much less than usual and therefore even more interesting to look at. Start with combining the volcano and pressure - in the end you'll have a three element, however, among them will be the volcano, so only the two new lava and ash. We should also look at the relationship of dust and ash. If you connect two same icon of dust, then you'll have two icons ash. The reverse process operates identically to two ashes transformed into two dust. But don't get too much attention to this example, you should move on, because you will discover almost four hundred items to complete the game. So combine fire and peat to produce energy and smoke. It's a pretty common recipe, so try something a little more interesting. Use two stones together and you will see how the result, you will have they, but only when accompanied by a fire symbol. Quite an interesting analogy with reality, isn't it? "The alchemist" on your Android will always give you the combinations that will make you at least smile. But there will be the usual combination. For example, from water and lava you get steam and stone - nothing special, but the recipe from this becomes less useful.

More recipes

the alchemist for Android

If you love or loved chemistry, physics and other natural Sciences, in this game you will find a lot of interesting things. For example, you can combine water and electricity and to produce hydrogen and oxygen. "The alchemist" for Android only at first glance it seems primitive and simple game, but is actually very thoughtful and exciting project which involves a variety of elements and, of course, makes you think. Otherwise you will realize that coal can be obtained by combining the wood with fire - and you get two more icon of ash that can be used for combining with other objects. However, the much harder it becomes when, in the case included mythical creatures. For example, you need to combine a fire elemental with water to the result of EN...

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