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Sometimes the computer is busy performing tasks, and need to go somewhere. At the same time to leave it on for a long time do not want to. As a solution you can use the automated shut-off. So let's look at how the timer Windows 7 shutdown. Also as part of the article will focus on the different software that performs the necessary functions for us.

Using system tools

To start run command line. To do this, go to the menu “start”, choose “Programs”, then «Standard» and immediately the object of the work. And in the search bar type cmd, the window will be launched. So, what we need, it works. Type the following command like shutdown /? and then press confirm. Before you will see all the settings of this utility. You can find them all, but we need action need only three, which will be discussed in the article:

  • S – is system shutdown;
  • T – will be billed in seconds the time after which cease to operate a computer;
  • A – cancels a system shutdown.

How to set timer shutdown Windows 7 computer in this case? Let's say we want the car completed its work in one hour. Then we need to open window to enter this command: shutdown-s-t 3600. When it starts in the lower right corner a notification will appear that the computer work will be completed in 60 minutes. So easily you can schedule shutdown of your computer. For those who do not understand what is 3600, we inform you that this is the number of seconds there is in one hour, that is about sixty minutes. To simplify this command, you can enter it in the search menu, “start”. To cancel data computer order, simply write shutdown-a. But there are many people who are simply too lazy to type special letters somewhere, and they prefer to operate with GUI. Well, in this case there are options. And now on to the most popular programmes-timers.


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Auto Shutdown

windows 7 shutdown computer by timerBegin to consider free software for Windows 7, with this representative. It is widely functional gadget that offers many possibilities. So, it can be used to configure shutdown, restart, logoff, and entry into sleep mode. You can set the time when there will be required for you event, or how long it will be done.

OFF Timer

free software for windows 7This is a simple program which is exclusively responsible for the timely shutdown of the computer. Here also you can either put the countdown or set a specific time. Take note that when you run the main function, this app force close everything running, which leads to loss of unsaved data. So use wisely this program in Windows 7. Computer shutdown timer will allow though somehow to control my time working with him, but also can deliver some inconveniences.


This is a special program that allows the computer to work more time (which is pre-determined). But during the operation will gradually prislushatjsja sounds, and then the car will generally be turned off or put into standby. So if you like to fall asleep to music, this app is for you.


shutdown timer windows 7Is a Useful program that will allow for a reboot, logoff or even shutdown using the timer. Also, this app has some very nice small additions that you can see yourself.

SM Timer

schedule turn off computerContinuing with the free software for Windows 7, I want to consider another app that is exclusively responsible for the shutdown of the computer. It should be noted a pleasant appearance and a certain futurism design.


how to set timer shutdown PC window 7It Should be noted that this is not all the available options for Windows 7. Turn off computer timer provided in a number of applications, and there was nothing told solely due to the fact that there these features are only complementary to the main possibilities. But still with one representative can be found. This program is called "Aura of the forest”, developed by Russian volunteers, and freely distributed. As you might guess, this application emulates the situation in different environmental conditions. So, it is possible to recreate around a waterfall, stream, rustling trees, rain, thunderstorms, movement of animals and the sounds of birds and whatnot. Overall, the program aims to help people rather relax and sleep. And here as the additional functionality it provides and the possibility of a shutdown at a certain time. Moreover, this opportunity is “soft”, that is, information about this eventis displayed on the screen, and have ten seconds to stop him. The program itself and weighs very little, so it can be installed on weak computers to enhance Windows 7. Turn off computer timer in this case, it will be complemented by a pleasant and relaxing functionality.


As you can see, in Windows 7 computer shutdown timer possible with the help of various software tools that have many features of its practical implementation. So you can make a choice depending on the tasks. If you want to limit computer use when no strength to shake him off - well, it features apps that will allow you to turn it off at nine or ten o'clock in the evening regardless of your desire. If you like to fall asleep to music but don't want to pay more for electricity and to use the resource equipment at an accelerated pace, – well, and for this request there is a satisfying option.

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