How to see friends of a friend "Vkontakte"? Small tweaks


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The Social network "Vkontakte" is the place on the Internet where daily touch with millions of people from around the world. The functionality and usability of the website allow it to occupy a leading position among similar services for many years. If all you know about this social network? Or maybe you have questions regarding certain features of the site? In this article we will tell you about how to see friends of a friend «Vkontakte».

How to see friends of a friend

Viewing lists

It would Seem, what could be easier? But about all under the order. How to see friends of a friend «Vkontakte»?

1. Go to the page of the person who we want to see the list.

2. Find the section “Friends”.

3. Click on it and viewing users, there are made.

4. For ease of search, for example, if you need to find a specific person at the top of the page there is a line. There enter the user's last name or display name.

Quite recently on the website «Vkontakte» added the ability to view friends news. For this you need to visit the homepage of the person on your list. Then find the section “Friends” and next to it click on the link “news”. They displays all events that your friend sees in their news feed (the actions committed by his friends, added photos, audio, notes and so on). Thus, you will be able to see all users that are included in the list of your friend, but also to regularly monitor, they have a new one.

how to see friends

How to see friends of a friend «Vkontakte»?

If we are talking about those users who is your friend chose to hide, forced to disappoint you. The fact that the site has the ability to make invisible some people. Namely, 30 people from your friends list. If your friend added to the list of hidden users someone, you will not be able to see them in the main list. What can you recommend in this case?

  • Ask your friend, whether his “Friends” or that person (unless of course you mean someone in particular).
  • Find a way to get to the friend's computer, for example, when you're at his home and visit the friends tab. There you'll find the answers to all your questions. In addition, close friends «Vkontakte», and those pages which the user visits most often are at the top of the list.
  • Go to the page of the person who you believe may be in “friends” from your friend, but in the lists you found. And view mutual friends.close friends

Beware of Scam!

How to see friends of a friend «Vkontakte»? On the Internet there are now a number of programs that promise to show you the list of the hidden personalities of your friends. Keep in mind that this application in no case do not need to download, install on your PC and the more you use them, how to see friends «Vkontakte» can only be those, which were allowed with the user. Installed software can damage your computer, infect it with dangerous virus or steal your data from the entrance to the site.

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