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Man, just in General familiar with the use of resources of global network Internet, at first glance it may seem that, except for the annoying ads on sites no peculiarities: the selected program for viewing pages (web browser) sends requests, and the distant servers return the response.

It is actually a bit more complicated and there are some features that significantly extends the scheme “request / response”. One of them – is cookies (cookies). They are small files of size 4 KB that contains specific text information. Often users are not even aware that their browser is actively using cookies. When accessing the online user client to the server, the latter sends to the computer a special file-cookies. It contains information allowing to identify the user. In the future, every new connection to this resource begins with sending the browser to the server of such file. As a result, the user comes to the website under your login/password, but the page is displayed exactly as it was configured during your previous visit. Here is an example with the site TV-programs: visitor registers and selects the list of displayed channels. If the server assumes the use of cookies when you visit this website next time will only see the selected channels. In fact the possibilities are much wider, but their overview is beyond the scope of this article.

Again, these small files contain information allowing to identify the visitor, it is quite clear why a frequently asked question “How to clear cookies?”. If the computer is in sole use, of such security could hardly be more straightforward. But if possible, access to the system by third parties they have an opportunity to go to the sites using the data stored in the cookie. The user who does not know how to clear cookies or not fulfilled in a timely manner this operation is in danger of making purchases from his account and some other troubles, such as viewing all visited pages. It is obvious that security should not be forgotten.


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Before you learn how to clear cookies, it should be noted that these small files are still needed, as it significantly simplifies the work in the Network. It is therefore recommended to save the cookie file on separate media or archive with a password. Sometimes the archive is simply irreplaceable.

The answer to the question “How to delete cookies?” depending on your browser. In each of them you can choose several modes: delete cookies when you exit your browser, don't participate at all, prompt.

If a user uses Opera, but does not know how to clear cookies, you should do the following: click your browser's Ctrl+F12 to proceed to the “Advanced” and choose “Cookies”. Pressing the control button, you can delete unwanted entries.

In Firefox, things are even simpler: Settings-Privacy. In menu "Remove individual cookies” there is a possibility to erase them selectively or all at once.

In the inbound part of Windows Internet Explorer is necessary in the properties choose “General”, where in the browsing history delete temporary Internet files.

In Google Chrome open settings, choose advanced view, and setting the corresponding checkboxes, selectively clear history.

There's a more convenient way how to clean cookies. He is to use special programs. One of the most popular – CCleaner. It is necessary to press the “Cleaning” and select cookies. The program has great potential, so we remove the checkboxes from those operations that do not need to take. In the settings you can specify which cookies you want to keep. Create a backup reg file to ignore is not recommended: it size is small, but with possible problems easily restore the previous state of the registry.

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