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Have You heard of Minecraft? Most likely, Yes. Despite the fact that to play the game Mini will not everyone, as it is to the bone indie game to try at least once it's worth all.

Over the past year the popularity of the game has just risen to heaven, and its Creator Markus Persson at some point, woke up a millionaire. So how to start playing Minecraft? It's simple. First visit the official website of the game and buy it. Do not download it from pirate resources. Remember, the Creator of the game and the guys from Mojang, the same people as we, and they, too, need the money.

How to start playing MinecraftBut step away from the lyrics and talk about how to start playing Minecraft. Sign up and log in with your login. Next, select how you want to play. You can do it alone, to create a small server and compete with your friends or play Minecraft online, choosing one of the many servers.

Single game

For this you have three modes: "Survival", "Creativity" and "Hardcore".

  • "Survival". Selecting this mode brings you into their world with nothing and with his bare hands will fight their way through hordes of undead to, in the end, to find all the treasures hidden deep underground. This mode is great for beginners, and later, when you feel ready, you will be able to import your world in a multiplayer game.
  • "Creativity". Mode for those who are only interested in the aesthetic aspect of Minecraft. From the beginning, you will get all things in infinite quantity, the ability to fly and destroy blocks with a single touch. In other words, you will get all the facilities for full creativity.
  • "Hardcore". For veterans of indie gaming. One death, accidental or violent, and you will lose your character forever. By the way, the enemies here are so strong that they will not be too hard to make you forget about this mode.

Play game miniSuppose you have created your first world and is now ready to understand how to start playing Minecraft. The first steps are always the same for everyone — everyone starts with the fact that any local cut wood with their bare hands, first in logs, then, on Board, at the end of the stick. From this set, you can collect many things: a workbench, tools, a chest, a boat, and a house in the end.


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The Second stage will be to find sheep for wool and the subsequent establishment of beds, the construction of the shelter and stone extraction (for updates). In Minecraft, as in life, the key is to set a goal and go for it: someone closer to look for diamonds in the endless caves, someone to conquer the underworld, and someone might want to kill the dragon with his bare hands in the dimension "Region". It all depends on you.

Network game

The Main difference here is, oddly enough, the presence of other players. This means that you can take other people's stuff, setting fire to trees and buildings, mischief and pranks. Of course, this is true only for small servers. Game on great online entails a strict adherence to the generally accepted rules and lock your character in case of any violations.

Play minecraft onlineI Hope this article helped you to understand how to start playing Minecraft. And most importantly - always be on guard, because creeper love is inattentive miners.

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