How to add a photo in "Instagram" from the computer: manual and recommendations


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Many of us have to deal with social networks every day. And despite the fact that these sites are more designed for a younger audience, they have found fans even among people of Mature age. This contributed to the diversity of resources.

Social networks

Some of them allow you to find old friends and maintain a correspondence with them, some designed to search for new friends and people with similar interests. With the help of social networks we can Express and show the world what you couldn't do in real life. To do this, the developers of these sites offer a variety of ways: edit own profile, add your favorite music or videos, writing posts and, of course, demonstration of new photos.

how to add photos to instagram from computer

When it comes to posting pictures, to mind immediately comes to the mobile app "Instagram". The developers of these projects often release the client and to the typical computer, even though users who prefer gadgets and in a hurry to get rid of stationary hardware becomes more and more. However, Instagram is impossible to tell, and a separate version for the PC yet. So how to add a photo in "Instagram" with the computer and is it even possible?

How to use the app?

"Instagram" is a gallery where you can display any photos, pictures or images. It is not necessary that the picture shows attended you, you can just share an interesting frame. In addition, you can upload a small video, and more recently also "snappy". These are the same pictures or short videos, but they are not stored in the profile and available to view for only 24 hours, after which disappear. If desired, you can save them to your gallery and then upload the usual way.


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a photo in instagram with computer

If you are interested in updates of a specific person, you will be able to subscribe to it. In turn, you will be able to subscribe to any other user. You also have the option to hide your account. Then the subscription application is submitted and you review each of them. All these features provide mobile app. Can I use the social network from a PC, and how to add a photo in "Instagram" with the computer? As mentioned above, a special client, but there are several loopholes which we will discuss below.

How to add a photo in "Instagram" with a computer?

To add a photo in the mobile version, you must log into your account, click on the middle button with the " + " to choose a photo from gallery or take new and share it with your subscribers. Then it will fit in the ribbon of their news and in your gallery. As in Instagram add a photo, we understand. But how to upload a new photo with the PC?

instagram add a photo from your computer

Not many people know that there is a version of "Their" browser. But it has rather the function of viewing, rather than editing. It is possible to register, add subscribers, and view photos in the news, to rate them and write comments. However, the instantaneous images ("snapping") then you will not see, and a photo in "Instagram" from the computer to lay out will not work. For this you will need a special utility.

"Instagram": add photos from computer utility

The Software to use the program is different: some provide a full range of capabilities of the mobile version, and the other can only upload new photos. In order not to get lost in the variety of such possibilities, we advise to pay attention to the program Ruinsta. Installing it on your PC, you can easily go to your profile or check. Here you can view the news in the tape, edit account, sign up and review their own requests, etc. "Snapy" there is still not visible, and Direct (in-service correspondence) to use will not work. In the right pane you will see a page recommended by the service. Overall this is one of the best utilities to use "Their" PC, but its unique interface and the inability to enjoy all the features of the full version makes you pay attention to another way to install an application on your computer.

Installing "Instagram" in the emulator

Emulator's OS "Android" - a small program for the PC, focused on apps for mobile operating system. This is a great solution for people who want to use versions of applications that do not have client for your computer. Excellent examples of such emulators (sometimes called simulators) are Andy BlueStacks.

how instagram add photo

The Utility set is not difficult, but it is worth considering the fact that it is an independent operating system so that PC memory needs to have enough space, and the model of the hardware and the OS on the computer must not be out of date. After successful installation of the emulator, and logged in Google, you will be able to go to the "Play store" and download the application "Instagram" in the same way as you would do it on a regular smartphone or tablet.

Now you know how to add a photo in "Instagram" with the computer. Use the social network from any device.


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