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Apple Developers usually modify something in the updates only when needed for the best functionality. This fact may explain the incremental and the very impressive upgrading of the 13-inch Apple MacBook Air ($ 999). While the device uses the same design with the aluminum unibody and many of the same components as in its predecessor, the new gadget added one of the latest Intel Core i5 CPU.

apple macbook air 13

However, even with this modest improvement (and with the cost of last year's base model) Apple MacBook Air 13 is located ahead of the competition in terms of performance and affects the 17-18 hours of Autonomous operation. Thus, this device currently is the best choice for everyday common tasks among medium ultraportable laptops.

Design and features

13-inch MacBook Air has the following dimensions: 22 cm long and 32 cm wide, and its weight is about 1300 grams. The body tapers in thickness from 1.7 cm at the rear of up to 0.5 cm in the front. Other 13.3-inch laptops (such as Acer Aspire S7-393-7451, LenovoYoga 3 Pro and Asus Zenbook UX305FA-ASM1) is slightly thinner and lighter, but you will not have any difficulties if you intend to wear the Apple MacBook Air 13 along. The ultrabook has not only small size and weight, but compact and streamlined shape. Thus, you can easily place it in any bag or backpack.

Resolution and display properties

Compared to common today 1920x1080 or even higher resolutions that are typical for medium laptops on Windows settings 1440h900 MacBook Air seem relatively small, but it is only in theory. In fact, the screen looks sharp and bright when you use the gadget. This permission should be enough for everyday tasks, such as creating and editing office documents and work in a web browser. If you need a higher resolution screen, but you prefer only Mac laptops, you ought to opt for a more expensive device-Apple MacBook with display settings 2,304х1,400, or latest 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro with 2560 x 1600. Unfortunately, currently there is no option to achieve high-resolution Retina Display in the Apple MacBook Air 13 - this will increase the cost and weight of the device and reduce the battery life. However, for watching videos and reading text documents, such a measure is sufficient, as displayed on the screen looks very clear.


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apple macbook air 13 early

Connectivity and available ports

Built-in ports are no different from those that existed on the previous model. On the left side of the device is the headset Jack, two microphones, a USB 3.0 port and a slot for the MagSafe 2 power. On the right side there is a compact slot for SDXC card, Thunderbolt 2 ports and one USB 3.0 port. At first glance, these opportunities for connecting components seem a little, but today it is fairly typical for devices ultraportable category, and that will be enough for many users. You will have to use an adapter to connect HDMI or other connectors, but Thunderbolt port is functioning at a high level with mini-Display Port without an adapter. Wireless connection is provided via 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and provides high-quality and uninterrupted connection to the Internet or to other devices.

laptop apple macbook air 13

Keyboard Features

Key on the keyboard is backlit, and the rubber finish gives it a great look and makes it easy to use. Thus, typing smoothly and gently, without causing fatigue of the fingers after a long work. There is a light trackpad for multi-touch capabilities. However trackpad lacks the advanced options button of the mouse, which are present in other Apple devices 12 inch MacBook Pro, and MacBook, these settings can be seen in most part of third-party applications. Like all gadgets, Mac, Apple 13 MacBook Air lacks a touch screen.


Many users agree with the statement that the Apple MacBook Air 13 Early would not hurt having more RAM, as 4GB by default is a bit low for an ultrabook worth $ 1,000. You can only upgrade RAM to 8GB during initial purchase, so it is advisable to consider in advance whether you should spend the extra $ 100 to enable multitasking or multimedia projects. Flash memory is also relatively low – 128 GB, but this is less of an issue these days - cloud online storage is quite inexpensive. Fortunately, the system is protected from viruses.

apple macbook air i5 13RAM running on a PCIe-based, which makes it quicker functioning technology SATA solid state drives (SSDS) and flash memory have an older ultra-portable laptops. It helps to be loaded system and apps in just few seconds. MacBookAir comes with a one year warranty, which puts it on a par with the device's competitors include Windows.

Performance and multitasking

The Gadget is equipped withIntel Core i5-5250U (1.6 GHz) with integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 6000. As the test shows, the laptop is Apple MacBook Air 13 works very well when opening multimedia programs. Ultimately, the device behaves as a current much faster when performing multimedia tasks, when compared to the Apple MacBook.

Results for the 3D tests predictably mediocre, given the integrated graphics. The operating system needs to work fairly quickly with such simple games like Diablo III, but the start requiring high power GrandTheftAuto V in high quality settings will not work.

laptop apple macbook air 13 early

Battery life

Another indicator of a great performance Apple MacBook Air 13 i5 is its battery. With continuous use ultrabook the duration of use of the battery is equal to 17 hours 36 minutes. It's almost two hours longer than the previous generation. Unlike the MacBook Air, longest laptop notebook Windows-Acer Aspire S7-393-7451 – does not require recharging only about 10 hours. Thus, you can look at the device complete the trilogy "Lord of the rings" and ultrabook will have enough battery to watch the first two films of the trilogy ‘Dark knight”. It's just an insane amount of energy for a traditional laptop.

apple macbook air 13 md760ru

Conclusions and final verdict

In 2015, the 13-inch laptop Apple MacBook Air 13 early ahead of its main competitors, both on your Mac and on Windows. Primarily this is due to its great battery life. The classic design of its hull and fixtures is one of the components, which manufacturers other ultraportable devices trying to emulate the last 5 years with varying degrees of success.

Despite this, the original design still looks fresh. Its performance far exceeds the standard parameters of a laptop. Thus, its high cost is justified, especially if you need to work daily with a variety of programs and surf the Internet.

It has only 4 GB of RAM, but paying an additional 100 dollars you can double this figure. So if you plan to regularly multitask, you are advised to make additional charges.

Given the high performance and particularly impressive battery life, the 13-inch Apple MacBook Air 13 MD760ru can be considered a gadget, offering more than enough capacity, it is able to displace from the market of its predecessor. To date, this is the best choice among ultra-portable laptops, in spite of it is not low cost. In this case, it can be argued that you pay for excellent quality products.

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