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Chronicle of the Roman historians largely form the basis of our knowledge of that distant period when flourished and grew great Roman Empire. And it is considered that the legends the Roman (and Greek) don't lie. But should we blindly trust such sources? Because at all times there were cases, when ridiculous stories sought to cover up his own negligence. And chroniclers, like all other people, largely relied on eyewitness accounts and not on proven facts. A vivid example – the legend of how the geese saved Rome.

Talking about this miraculous salvation from the very pores, as in 390 BCE because of the sensitivity of the goose tribe of warlike Gauls are unable to secretly capture the Capitol, where they were locked besieged defenders of the Eternal the geese saved Rome

As he wrote later, the great Roman historian Livy, the Gauls found secret path, which climbed to the top of the Capitol and were able to climb the fortified walls of the Kremlin. Exhausted by hunger and fatigue, the warriors, the Romans were fast asleep. Even guard dogs are not heard lurking in the dark enemies.

But the Romans got lucky. Very near the place where the attackers came, right next to the fortification walls stood the temple of the goddess Juno, in which were her sacred birds – a gaggle of geese. Despite a raging famine among the besieged, the temple geese remained intact. They felt trouble. He screamed, flapped his wings. Awakened by the noise of the guards and came to the rescue to help her, vacationing soldiers were able to repel the attack. Since then and say that geese saved Rome.geese saved Rome


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Since then have passed more than 1000 years. But how the geese saved Rome, its inhabitants can remember. In honor of this event in Rome on this day arranged a feast during which the whole nation celebrates the Savior-goose and kills a dog is guilty only of their belonging to the canine genus. In all languages of the world became the catch phrase about how the geese saved Rome. Say when I want to say about lucky chance, saved from a huge disaster.

But zoologists of this historical fact raises serious doubts. After all, no matter how exhausted the dog, as if she neither slept soundly, hearing and feel it working. A trained guard dog (namely, contained in the service of the Romans) could not miss the approach of an enemy. The dog had to smell and hear slithering in the darkness of the Gauls at a distance of about 80 m. Even if we assume the maximum value, the four-legged watchman was to sound the alarm when the enemy approached to a distance of 20-25 m. If in doubt, try to go unnoticed to a stranger sleeping dog. And see for yourself.

And now – about the abilities of geese. As watchmen geese has never been used. This is not surprising. Because the main “watchdog” on them, like other birds with acute eyesight. Nor to hear or smell the approach of a stranger at a considerable distance, the geese can't. Only at a distance of 3-4 m geese, even while behind a solid wall, somehow feeling the approach of the person and are showing signs of anxiety. But it's not noisy behavior, able to Wake the soundly sleeping soldiers, and only dissatisfied with the quiet cackling. If only the threat is not approaching directly.

As the geese saved Rome? It turns out, this legend is frankly contrary to the laws of Zoology. But this history has done in his time so much noise that it is difficult to prevent the lie of the respected Roman historian. We can only guess at how events unfolded in reality. Perhaps the geese woke up from approaching enemies, and from the fact that the hungry, the guards decided to secretly eat a sacred bird. Well, the gods would have it, this sin has become a salvation for the city. Another option: dogs in the city at that time is simply not there. After all, they were not considered sacred animals, and the people were starving so that the food was already leather sandals and shields. And finally, the third version. Perhaps the most far-fetched. However, it is possible to assume that Livy followed by all of humanity euphemistically called “dogs” bribed traitors-custody and “goose” - some of the soldiers-the Gauls (Celts), warned the Consul Brand Manly about the attack and betrayal. After all, they have goose for centuries been a sacred bird. But to openly admit this fact Romans didn't let any pride or tactical considerations.Roman legends

What was really the case, we may never know. But the geese forever entrenched the glory of the saviors of the great Rome, the eternal city on the seven hills.

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