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Consider the collection of Shalamov, on which he worked during the period 1954 to 1962. Describe its summary. "The Kolyma tales" - a collection of short stories the plot of which is a description of camp and prison life of prisoners of the Gulag, their tragic destinies, like one another, where the rights of the case. The focus of the author is always hunger and satiation, painful death and the healing, the destruction, the moral humiliation and degradation. On the issues raised Shalamov, you will learn more by reading a brief summary. "The Kolyma tales" - a collection that is a reflection of the experience and seen by the author over 17 years, which he spent in prison (1929-1931) and Kolyma (1937 to 1951). Photo by the author are presented below.

a brief summary of the Kolyma stories


The Author recalls his comrades from the camps. We won't list their names, as compiled by the summary. "The Kolyma tales" - a collection infused with artistry and documentary. However, given all the murderers in the stories of the real name.

Continuing the narrative, the author describes how the prisoners died, what tortures endured, speaks to their hopes and behavior in "Auschwitz without the ovens" as called Shalamov Kolyma camps. Managed to survive a few, but to survive and not to break moral.

"the Life of engineer Kipreeva"

Let us consider the following curious story, which we could not describe, making a summary. "The Kolyma tales" - a collection in which the author, no one is sold and not betrayed, says that for himself he developed a formula of his own existence. It consists in the fact that man can survive if he is ready at any moment to death could be suicidal. But later he realizes that only built for themselves a comfortable shelter, so we do not know how you will become a decisive moment, whether you have enough not only mental strength, but physical as well.


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Kipreev, engineer-physicist, who was arrested in 1938, was not only able to withstand the interrogation beating, but even attacked the investigator, with the result that he was put in solitary confinement. But still, him trying to get false testimony, threatening to arrest the couple. Kipreev nevertheless continues to prove to everyone that he is not a slave, like all prisoners, and people. Thanks to the talent (he fixed the broken x-ray machine found a way to restore the burned-out bulbs) this hero manages to avoid most of heavy work, but not always. It was a miracle that he remains alive, however, the moral shock will not let him go.


Shalamov, who wrote "the Kolyma stories", a summary of which we are interested in, shows that the camp corruption was related in one degree or another all. It was carried out in various forms. Describe in a few words, another piece from the book "Kolyma tales" - "predstavku". A brief summary of its plot.

Play cards the two thieves. One loses and asks to play in debt. Stimulated in some point, he orders suddenly a prisoner of intellectuals, which was randomly in the audience, to give the sweater. He refuses. It "cums" one of the thieves, and the sweater goes amateru anyway.


Turn to the description of another artwork from the book "Kolyma tales" - "the Night". A brief summary of it, in our view, it will also be interesting to the reader.

The tomb of sneaking two prisoners. Here was buried the morning of the body of their comrade. They remove the linen from the dead in order for tomorrow to be exchanged for tobacco or bread or sell. Aversion to clothing of the deceased followed by the thought that perhaps tomorrow they will be able to smoke or a little more to eat.

Many works in the book "Kolyma tales". "Carpenters", a summary of which we have omitted, follows the story "Night". To see him offer yourself. The product of the volume is small. The format of a single article, unfortunately, does not allow to describe all stories. Also a very small piece from the book "Kolyma tales" - "the Berries". Brief contents of the main and most interesting, in our opinion, the stories presented in this article.

Varlam Shalamov Kolyma tales summaries

"Single measurements"

Defined by the author as a slave labor camp - another form of corruption. Prisoner, exhausted it, can not fulfill the norm, work becomes a torture and leads to slow killing. Dugaev, convict, increasingly weaker, because of the 16-hour workday. He throws Kilic, carries. In the evening the caretaker of the measures made by him. The figure of 25 %, called the caretaker, seems to be a large Dugaeva. He had unbearable pain in my shoulders, arms, head, whining calf. The prisoner did not feel no more hunger. Later he is summoned to the investigator. He asks: "a Name, term, article". Soldiers a day take the prisoner to a cold place surrounded by a fence topped with barbed wire. At night, away from the hustle and tractors. Dugaev guesses about why he was brought here, and realizes that life is over. He regrets only that I suffered needlessly once a day.

the Kolyma tales Shalamov summaries of all chapters


For a very long time to talk about this book, "the Kolyma tales". Brief contents by Chapter of the works is for educational purposes only. We offer to your attention the following story - "the Rain".

Get Acquainted with the camp life of working in the pit Rozovsky, hero, created by Shalamov (Kolyma tales is). A brief summary of the work "Rain" next. Despite the guard made a threatening gesture, Rozovsky speaks to the narrator, working nearby, to share with him a revelation. Rozovsky realized that life has no meaning. But before he, whose life had lost all value, time to pounce on the guards, it runs up to the teller and saves from the disastrous and reckless actions, telling the guards that Rozovskii sick. The prisoner later tries to commit suicide, rushing under the truck. After the trial he was sent to another place to work.

Shalamov Kolyma tales-a summary of the berries

"cherry Brandy"

The Poet-prisoner, who was considered the first poet of the 20th century in our country, is dying. He lies on his bunk, in the depth of their bottom number. Dying poet for a long time. Sometimes it comes Myl, for example, that someone stole his bread, which the poet put it under his head. He is ready to seek, to fight, to fight... However no power to it anymore. When his hand put the daily ration, he presses to your mouth, the bread hard, sucking him, trying to gnaw and tear loose scorbutic teeth. When the poet dies, he does not write off another 2 days. The neighbors in the distribution manages to get him bread as a living. They make it so that he raises his hand like a puppet.

The"Shock therapy"

Merzlyakov, one of the heroes of the book "Kalmyckie stories", a summary of which we are considering, snakes large body for the understand that deals. He falls, cannot get up and refuses to take a log. Its your first beat, then the guards. It brought to camp with back pain and a broken rib. After recovery, he never stops complaining and pretends he can't straighten up. He does this in order to delay the extract. He was sent to the surgical Department of the Central hospital and then to nervous to explore. Merzlyakova have a chance to be debited to the will due to illness. He struggles to avoid being exposed. But Peter Ivanovich, the doctor, himself a former ex-convict, his exposes. All the human it is replacing the professional. He spends most of the time that is to expose those who are faking. Peter Ivanovich anticipates the effect it will have on the case Merzlyakov. The doctor first makes him an anesthesia, during which it is possible to straighten the body Merzlyakova. After a week the patient is administered a shock therapy, after which he asks for statement itself.

"Typhoid quarantine"

Andreev enters the quarantine, ill with typhus. The position of the patient compared to work in the mines gives him a chance to survive, to which he had almost no hope. Then Andrew decides to stay here as long as possible, and then, perhaps, it will not send more gold in the faces where death, beatings, hunger. Andreev does not respond to roll call before sending recovered work. He manages thus to escape for quite a while. Emptying tranzitka, the turn comes at last, and to Andreyev. But it seems now that the battle for life, he won, and if now and will send only at the local, neighbors of the trip. But when a truck with a group of prisoners who suddenly issued winter uniforms, moved the line that separates the near and far trip, Andreev understands that fate laughed at him.

In the photo below - the plaque on the house in Vologda, where he lived Shalamov.

the Kolyma stories summaries

"aortic Aneurysm"

In the stories of Shalamov the disease and hospital - an indispensable attribute of the plot. Catherine glowacki, a prisoner, was admitted to the hospital. This beauty immediately attracted Zaitsev, the doctor on duty. He is the Zn...

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