Where is the Tazovskiy Peninsula?


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The Geography of Russia are diverse. In the North of the Arctic circle permafrost reigns in the South in the subtropics even in winter the temperature rarely drops below zero. Each region is unique and beautiful, each of you can find a lot of interesting and unknown, and everywhere people live.

Taz district, Purovsky rayon (Yamal Peninsula) are inhabited territories, which are not only indigenous people. Leading Russian companies engaged in the production of hydrocarbons in these regions, providing jobs for the local population, bringing in the polar regions thousands of active people. In the region being explored, opened and develops new fields. No exception Tazovskiy Peninsula, which lies within the Arctic circle.

Tazovskiy Peninsula


The Yamal Peninsula is located in the Arctic zone in the Northern part of the world's largest West Siberian plain. Its area is more than 769 thousand sq. km. Most of it above the Arctic circle. In the Nenets language the name means “land”, which is consistent with the geographical location.

In its territory more than 300 thousand lakes and 48 thousand rivers and streams. Part of the area is swampy, although thawing is only in the summer. The climate here is quite severe, sharply continental. In addition to the cold Arctic cyclones and air masses coming from the Pacific ocean and the Atlantic, the climate affects permafrost and proximity to the ice of the Kara sea, which cuts deeply into the land. Winter on the territory of Yamal lasts less than eight months the thermometer can drop to minus 59 degrees. The average annual temperature is below zero.


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Tazovskiy Peninsula photo

But the summers are short and quite cold, although some days the temperature can rise to plus 30. In all areas there are often heavy fogs, especially in early autumn. Happen magnetic storm, accompanied by Northern lights. Polar days and nights – is also a feature of these places.

Geographical information

Taz Peninsula is located on the Northern tip of the West Siberian plain. On the map it can be found between the Taz Bay and Ob lips. In length it stretched for nearly 200 miles, has a width of approximately 100 kilometers. Predominantly flat surface, towering over the sea at 100 km. the Vegetation on the Peninsula is characteristic for tundra. Dominated by mosses and lichens, and shrubs. The whole territory is literally indented by ravines, many of which are quite deep. Also there are many lakes and swamps. The Peninsula is in the zone of permafrost where the ground is frozen for many feet and even during the short cool summer thaws not more than half a meter. All these factors affect plant and animal life.

Tazovsky Peninsula, Russia

The Village of Tazovsky

The Geographical center of the Taz area is the village of the same name. It is located 200 km North of the Arctic circle. The centre district, city of Salekhard, on the water - a 986 km, air – 552 km away, and Tyumen, the waterway stretches for 2755 km, and the air is 1341 km, and 230 km from the village is the railway station of Korotchaevo. In Tazovskiy lives 7339.

Tazovskiy district Purovsky district of the Yamal Peninsula

The district comprises 11 settlements and 5 administrative units. On the Tazovskiy Peninsula direct flights, there is a new highway. An established infrastructure. These innovations allow us to provide the Tazovskiy Peninsula, the population and enterprises. The district has a Museum, music school and art school for children, libraries and other cultural institutions. All this is done to ensure that local residents and oil workers who came to develop the rich mineral resources, could usefully spend their leisure time and their children a rounded education.

Historical background

The First expedition to the Tazovskiy Peninsula began to arm for the government of the Russian Empire in the 16th century. On the river, called the Nenets tasu-Yam-Yaha, founded a small trading town, later named Zlataritsa Mangazeya.

Get Pomors and Cossacks in these places about a month on the rivers, providing food, fuel and other vital goods. Back court back loaded with valuable furs and fish. Of these edges in the Royal Treasury received up to 80 thousand sable tails. But it didn't last long, the locals are eager to cooperate, and the conditions of the Hiking was extremely harsh. And soon about Mangazeya forgotten until the mid 18th century. In 1852, the first recorded settlement of Halmer-sede, which means “the Graves on the hill”. The fact that it was founded on the hill where the old cemetery of the Nenets. And again pulled caravans with furs and fish to the Central regions of the country.

Tazovskiy Peninsula population

The Years of Soviet power

When they came to power the Bolsheviks, was founded in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, which included the Tazovsky district. Here was founded a fish factory, opened a river port and airport, medical centers, schools and other facilities. The main activity of the area was fish and meat and crafts. This time,when the Tazovsky Peninsula (Russia) have developed rapidly.

In the 60-ies of the last century in the depths of the Yamal Peninsula was discovered hydrocarbon deposits. Began active oil and gas production, geological study of the region. This trend has been and still remains a priority. Now the largest oil producing enterprises in the country are exploration and production of liquid gold in these parts, bringing in distant lands thousands of working people.

Flora and fauna

The climate of the Tazovsky Peninsula quite severe, so the flora and fauna for most of the year small. But with the arrival of the short summer flock here flocks of migratory birds that breed in this seemingly unsuitable land. A lot of birds living and nesting here, listed in the Red book and cannot be found anywhere else.

The vegetation is dominated by mosses and lichens, moss, dwarf trees, shrubs. Fauna is represented by fur-bearing animals that are subject to fishing hunters and poachers. Despite the remoteness of the Peninsula and the difficulty of weather conditions, is a lot of wishing to earn on the valuable furs or fish.

Tazovskiy Peninsula

Local population

Taz Peninsula, whose population represented 36 different nationalities, is characterized by a small number of residents. The majority of them are indigenous inhabitants, the Nenets, the rest came from different parts of the country oilmen and geologists.

The Natives are pagans, worshipping the Supreme deity Num and the Lord of the underworld nga. From generation to generation carefully transmitted traditions of their ancestors. The climate of the Peninsula is perfect for herding, and indigenous people in the majority are engaged in this activity. They, along with herds roam the vast expanses of the Yamal Peninsula, living in tents, making clothes from animal skins. And the Nenets were skilled hunters and fishermen.

Rare trees growing in the tundra are the objects of worship, their branches decorated with ribbons to those who came to pray and ask the spirit of blessing. The observance of such traditions does not mean that the population is in ignorance. Children are studying in boarding schools and after graduation choose their own way.

Taz Peninsula, photos which amaze the beauty of the tundra, stretching for miles, is fairly well developed and populated. In a residential area is an active construction of housing and infrastructure development.

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