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Who are the rebels, when they appeared, how to use that word? These, at first sight, simple questions can answer, not every adult. In everyday life people rarely remember about this word.who are the rebels However, it is quite often heard on television. To understand who are the rebels, please refer to the sources.

Origin of words

"Rebels" formed from the word "rebellion". It is open rebellion against any form of power. The first rebellion is known since ancient times. The rebellious peasants rebelled against their lords. The very same word came into our language from the ancient proto-Slavic dialects. Did not know who the rebels, but the word "maturity" - that is, to cause riots and confusion. This word was also used to mean "bother." Then it was used already in the known manner. It happened in the times of Russian Empire. A new state in that period grew rapidly and conquered new territory. Conquered peoples could revolt against Imperial authority. Those who took up arms for their masters, were called rebels.

New value

Then, the word had a more negative connotation. That is, if it was about the rebels, but only in a negative way.rebel synonyms Over time this word has become relatively neutral. And even for those who had to submit in the right light, the official historiography used the definition of a rebel. Synonyms to this word is easy: rebellious, rebel, revolutionary.

However, in a broader sense, the word can be used in a different context. To understand who the rebels need to consider special cases. For example, a disobedient child is also sometimes called a rebel. The media loves to use that word in relation to politicians going against the government. That is "a rebel" to call a man swimming against the current.

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