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Essay, “What is kindness?” wrote many of us. Still in school curricula in Russian language and literature students asking it. Of course, this is a very simple theme and mission, primarily designed for students in Junior and middle classes. However, despite this, the work must be approached responsibly. In order to write a good essay “Lessons of kindness”, it is necessary to remember about some rules.

essay what is kindness

Main topic

The First step is to talk about what to write. What to tell, to talk. The theme is simple, of course, but this is the main difficulty. After all, kindness is different, and what to write – is the question. However, it is easy to answer. Essay “What is kindness?” will be interesting if the author will write about what excites him. Of course, for anybody not a secret that many people today write off, laying out on paper not their own thoughts. But writing about kindness is not too difficult, and you can handle this yourself. Main – to say what is really in the mind. And then the reader not only comes to the last line, but you might think about something. Because it's always been the price of thought, as well, as the author feels. Because the way you write it, can no longer no other.

essay on the lessons of kindness


Essay, “What is kindness?” should be written in easy and simple language. And best of all, if the job is done in the style of reasoning. Although, strictly speaking, this is different and will not work. Indeed, the topic name is the question. Accordingly, within the essay the author should provide the answer. And it always involves argument, analysis, harmonization of the different examples and comparisons. It – the second difficulty, which contains a write such work as essay-argument on the topic “Kindness”.


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You Can start in the following way: “the Word “welcome” we hear almost every day. But unfortunately, nowadays not all behave toward others merciful. Many even forgot about what – to do good deeds. Why? Perhaps because we have become tougher, I think more about yourself, forget about family. Few people remember that kindness – is one of the best qualities of a person that demonstrates his generosity, compassion and a rich inner world”. Well, maybe not too positive line, but they show our reality and make you think about written.

argument essay on the theme of kindness

What will save the world

Essay, “Lessons in kindness" can also be interesting. After reading this work, you get to understand how it relates to this question, the author. And in this work can give a valuable advice, comparing it with the sample. This can be done in the following way: “Many confused people want to be kinder. But I don't know how to do it. In fact, everything is simple. You have to start small. Hello neighbors, thank the shopkeeper or the bus driver, smile at him. To feed a stray kitten at the door to help grandma with the groceries to the house. To make a small but good deeds. So not only will you be able to do something nice for others, but to feel better. And it's true, when a person does something good, his soul begins to reign a little holiday, because he knows – the day is lived not in vain, and he gave someone the benefit, albeit small”.

It is also a good example of how this can look like an essay “What is kindness?”. Everyone chooses something to write about. It is possible to speculate about the eternal or to give examples of good deeds of generous people. Or give advice to others. In General the selection is large, but the main thing-to write about things that are close to your heart.

 mini essay on kindness

Structure, composition

Whether it be full essays or mini-essay on the theme “Kindness”, he needs to be structure, in addition to the interesting content. This work should have an Intro (a small, one short paragraph), the main part (the bulk) and the conclusion (the size is the same as the beginning). You can still write the epigraph to the essay (quote matched), and at the end – review from the author. In General – nothing complicated about it, however, these nuances must be remembered that the essay was not only interesting, but also literate.

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