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"Ethical" is an important term that deserves detailed consideration and study. Those moral norms, which exist in modern society, were the result of a lengthy process of establishing relationships between people. Ethical issues relate to cultural, economic, political relations. Without the observance of certain norms is difficult to talk about respect and trust between people.

ethical it


What does the word “ethical”? This adjective is closely connected with the word “etiquette”. It is of French origin, means a specific manner of behavior. This term refers politeness and courtesy.

History of the formation of the term

What story has the adjective “ethical”? The meaning of this word comes to us from ancient times. Modern etiquette are the customs of all generations, from ancient times to the present.

Rules of conduct must be respected not only by members of one social system, but also people who belong to different political and cultural systems that exist in the modern world.

As perceived at the present time, the term “ethical”? The meaning of the word depends on the characteristics of the country. It try to put different histories, customs, traditions.


With the development of civilization, there is the adjustment of rules of conduct. Norms of behavior that are considered indecent before, become the norm for society. Ethical - this is not ideal behavior. Depending on the circumstances of time, place, subject to some changes or additions to the established norms of corporate culture.


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In contrast to morality, the term “ethical” is a relative term. Cultural person understands, knows, follows the rules of the relationship. Manners are a reflection of the moral and intellectual qualities.

The Man who knows how to behave in society, it is much easier to establish contacts with others, to create a sustainable and fulfilling relationships with colleagues.

Well-Mannered and considerate man demonstrates the rules of etiquette, not only during official ceremonies and receptions, but also at home. In the basis of true politeness is kindness, which is due to the sense of proportion, tact. Etiquette is an important and significant part of human culture, ethics and morality, which were developed by different peoples for many centuries. Notions of good and evil, improvement, order, beauty - all this includes etiquette.

The French philosopher lévy-Strauss talked about the fact that the twenty-first century will be a time of human culture. He stressed that only spirituality will be an opportunity for the development of human civilization.

ethical problems


Currently, the system of spiritual guidance is based on the opposition of two principles, different understandings: humanism and technocracy.

The Technical revolution, based on technology and innovation, has contributed to spirituality. Man became a tool for the realization of scientific and technological achievements and their application. The humanistic approach involves the removal of companies from the state typical consumption, aimed at the revival of spiritual values. Tolerance, compassion, kindness, conscience - all these are the words that form the basis of ethics. Such notions help to turn a man into a humanist personality.

ethical meaning of the word

Ethics of science

The Term “ethical” was coined by Aristotle, it meant manners, customs, habits. Ethics is called the ethics, morality.

Philosophy contains epistemology, ontology, aesthetics, ethics. As a philosophical discipline ethics explains the essence of morality, its nature, explains the aspirations of a person, the inconsistency of moral relations between people. It describes a logical relation between judgments and actions, moral evaluations and actions.

Her cognitive function is the study of behavior, awareness of the foundations of good and evil, honesty and dishonesty. Ethics helps mankind to achieve true wealth, given the characteristics of the historical period.

The Regulatory task of ethics is to find ways out of difficult moral situations, overcoming obstacles on the path to self-improvement and development.

ethical value


Summing up the final result, we note that ethics (morality) acts as a complex sphere of spiritual life of society and individuals, it is the main subject of research ethics. It does not create rules, specific principles, social norms, ideals, and evaluations. Rather, deals with the theoretical generalization, the systematization of values, ideals, moral standards. Only if adherence to ethical norms, the mankind has a chance to develop.

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