Count Bobrinsky, the son of Catherine the 2: biography. The estate of count Bobrinsky in Bogoroditsk


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According to historians, the Empress Ekaterina 2 — it is the embodiment of absolutism in Russia. But we must not forget that in her reign, our country has become one of the most important players on the world political scene and began to take the first steps to the development of business and industry. So, for Russia had annexed Crimea, the reforms have altered the internal administrative structure of the state and many reforms in the economic sphere. However, the personal life of the Empress, and caused much interest. In particular, at all times have ordinary people had a lot of questions about why count Bobrinsky, son Catherine, 2, born out of wedlock, grew up away from the court.

the Palace of the counts Bobrinsky

Grigory Orlov

The Story about who was count Bobrinsky, the son of Catherine 2, it is impossible to start without mentioning his father — Grigory Orlov. This, then young and very attractive, the officer appeared at the court of Elizabeth 1 in 1760, and immediately acquired the reputation of a don Juan. Soon they are attracted to the wife of the Tsarevich Peter Fedorovich — Catherine, who managed to achieve the purpose of the lover to the important post of Treasurer of the office of the chief of artillery and fortification. A particularly important role in the life of the future Empress of the young courtier began to play after the death of Elizabeth 1. And when Catherine came to the throne, the eagles became the all-powerful favourite and made all imaginable honors.

 manor of count Bobrinsky in Bogoroditsk

Bastard son

The Relationship Orlov and princes was not for anybody a secret, besides her husband, after his accession to the throne - captive unloved wife in the other end of the Palace and never came to visit her. So Catherine concealed her pregnancy, which was impossible to pass off as “lawful”. Fortunately, everything worked, because when April 11, 1762, the Empress went into labor, Valet Vasily Shkurin set his house on fire, and Peter F. court ran to watch the fire. Thus, the birth of a boy known only to a few confidants of Catherine, and she managed to avoid scandal and imprisonment in the monastery.


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the Museum of count Bobrinsky in Bogoroditsk

Count Bobrinsky, the son of Catherine 2: the early years

For a Child born in secret from the Emperor and court, my parents called Alex and since leaving him at the Winter Palace was no way, gave it to the family Valet shkurina, ordering him to give the kid for his son. Two months after these events occurred the famous coup that made his mother a little Alyosha the ruler of a vast state, and father — one of the most influential nobles of the Russian Empire. But all these events did not affect the fate of the child, until the age of 12 he grew up in the same conditions as other children of the couple Skulnyh. Although I must say that the family of the Valet is not in poverty, and in 1770 his sons, together with Alexei, at public expense was sent to study in Leipzig. Upon graduation, he was returned to Russia, and by order of the Empress he began to dignify Alexei Grigorievich Bobrinsky.

the Palace of count Bobrinsky in Bogoroditsk

Origin of name

Modern people may be wondering: why all-powerful father could not accept the child from the woman? However, what happened to the illegitimate son of Catherine 2, for people the nobility who lived in the 18th century, it was quite in order. In particular, the Royal mother bought him Spasskoe village, or, as it was also called Bobriki, located in Epifanskie County Tula province, and told him to give the name of this estate. Since then, funds for the maintenance of a young man had to go not from the Treasury, and the revenues from their own serfs. So was founded the estate, now known as the manor of counts Bobrinsky.

The Life of an illegitimate son of Catherine 2 until the reign of Paul 1

Having Received primary education abroad, Alexei Bobrinsky was adopted in the Land cadet corps, from which he graduated in 1782 with a gold medal. After this young man enlisted in the army in the rank of Lieutenant. However, before proceeding to perform their official duties, he, along with others of the most distinguished graduates of the mentioned training institutions were sent on a long journey through the cities of Russia, and then Europe. At the end of the trip the young man was in Paris and decided to stay there, leading a dissipated life of a rich playboy. After various adventures, rumors of which upset Catherine 2, the future count Alexei Bobrinsky was on the territory of Russia until the winter of 1788. The mother did not want to see him and told him to go directly from Riga to revel, where he was to serve as seconds captain. But his military career did not deceive the young man, and in 1790 he wrote a letter with his resignation, which was accepted. After some time, the future count Bobrinsky (son of Catherine 2) bought, with the permission of the matter, the castle of Ober-Palen and married Anna von Ungern-Sternberg. After the wedding, the couple visited the capital and has been affectionately adopted by the Empress asked sister, how she was not afraid to marry a man, love Affairs that gained him famethis Lovelace? However, 2 Catherine young was not invited to live at court. So Alexei Bobrinsky returned with his wife in Ober-Palen and lived there until the death of his mother. Then he could not assume, what changes are waiting for him in the future.

Assigning to Alexey Bobrinsky Ducal title

Almost immediately after his accession to the throne of the successor of Catherine 2 reminded of half-brother. The fact that Paul 1 had no reason to be jealous or hostile attitude to illegitimate offspring, since neither the one nor the other never knew a mother's love. He invited him to St. Petersburg, and the letter said that henceforth, Alexei Grigorievich Bobrinsky can come to the capital and to leave at any time when he pleases. In addition, by Imperial order he was raised to the Ducal dignity. Thus, the notorious Russian politicians, military leaders, factory owners and writers Bobrinskie — the column to receive this title from his cousin — the Emperor Paul 1.

manor of counts Bobrinsky

Recent years

1 Paul also decided to return the monument belonged to him rightfully part of the inheritance Orlov came the Petersburg house of the father, and of the commandery in gudowska County. Moreover, in the day of his coronation the Emperor personally promoted him to major General. But count Bobrinsky, a picture of a portrait which indicates a strong resemblance to Catherine 2, did not like military service. Therefore, he asked to retire and decided to deal with the economy. Since that time, the estate of count Bobrinsky in Bogoroditsk became one of the most prosperous and exemplary in Russia. In addition, retired major-General was engaged in Mineralogy and astronomy, and even built in his capital mansion of a small Observatory.

Bobrinskie (graphs)

The line from an illegitimate son of count Orlov, Catherine 2 had four sons, among which special mention deserves Alexey Alexeevich Bobrinsky, who became a famous specialist in the field of agriculture and is a founder of industrial production of beet sugar in Russia. No less famous was his younger brother — Vasily Avdeyev, who was one of the first entered into southern society of the Decembrists. By happy coincidence, on the day when in St. Petersburg there was the December uprising, it was with a family in Paris, and therefore was not arrested. Upon returning to Russia, he did a lot of estestvoispytateley activities and charity, especially in the field of public education.

Manor of counts Bobrinsky in our days

In 1933 the estate of this well-known Ducal family has been turned into a Museum complex, which is one of the main attractions of Tula region. Among his most important buildings - the Palace of the counts Bobrinsky, a Museum exhibit, a burial vault, a planetarium and a luxurious Park in the late 18th century. The estate also preserved Church, built in 1774-1778 years.

count Bobrinsky, the son of Catherine the 2

Museum in Bogoroditsk: collection

Objects of art and of different rarity was interested in the first owner of the estate. Therefore, the collection which had been collected by count Bobrinsky (son of Catherine 2), and became the Foundation of the funds of the Museum complex in Bogoroditsk. Today, they include several thousand items. Among the most valuable are the following:

  • The paleontological collection of the parts of the skeletons of animals of the Pleistocene epoch;
  • The archaeological finds such as stone axes of the bronze age;
  • Lifetime editions of works of K. E. Tsiolkovsky;
  • Personal belongings of members of the genus Bobrinsky.

count Bobrinsky photo

The Palace of the Bobrinsky

Tourists visiting Tula oblast, definitely recommended to visit in Bogoroditsk. Located there is a Palace and Park ensemble is a creation of the famous architect I. E. Starov and superb example of architecture of the end of Catherine's era. It is hard to believe that the Palace of count Bobrinsky in Bogoroditsk was badly damaged during world war II he was only a part of the walls. Thanks to extensive restoration works conducted in the mid 1970-ies, this magnificent architectural structure was restored, and the interiors recreated from surviving sketches and memoirs of eyewitnesses. By the way, few know that the estate of the counts Bobrinsky was familiar to Leo Tolstoy who lived at Yasnaya Polyana, located not far from these places. By the way, he described it in "Anna Karenina" as of the manor of Alexey Vronsky. And the Museum of count Bobrinsky in Bogoroditsk participated in the national contest “7 wonders of Russia”, which was conducted in 2007-2008. And reached the semi-finals!

Traveling in the Tula region, make sure to visit the Museum of count Bobrinsky, whose building is a real architectural gem, invariably causing admiration among the tourists, not expecting to see such magnificence in the province.

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