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Volga management Institute named by P. A. Stolypin (or PAGS) — this is a school specializing in the training of officials and civil servants. Founded in the 22nd year of the twentieth century, when schools for girls were established Communist University for the training of party cadres.

The Institute today

Volga management Institute named PA StolypinSince 2010 Stolypin Institute is part of the Ranepa. At the moment the number of students — 11 000 people. The cost of education — from 70 to 240 rubles for one year, full-time tuition. However, it should be noted that the Institute has funded places are also allocated a quota for citizens of the Republic of Crimea. As a major research and training center, the University seeks to fill a need is the Volga region in the officials and other civil servants. However, graduates find work in other parts of the country.

According to the statistics, more than 60% of graduates received diplomas in 2015, were employed, and one in ten enrolled in graduate school. This is not surprising, because the University cooperates with almost all the relevant potential employers in the region — that government agencies, municipal administration, branches of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, courts of the region, etc.

Also a popular place for the device to become large banks and the media. Trained in the legal profession looking for a job in a law and notary's offices.

Educational Programmes

Volga management Institute named by P. A. Stolypin includes seven faculties:

  • Economics and management — to train managerial staff, able to Express themselves both in business structures and in the civil service.
  • Political and legal control — trains specialists in the field of jurisprudence and of political scientists and conflict resolution specialists.
  • State and municipal management — a personnel reserve for authorities.
  • "Higher school of public administration” — for the organization of further training of existing officials.
  • The Second higher education.
  • Graduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Department for training programme for pre-University and secondary vocational education.

The Last faculty to a greater extent focused not on the provision of training on specialties “Management” and “Jurisprudence” as such. The main task of the unit is to prepare future students for higher education and admission to the Volga Institute of management. P. A. Stolypin.


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In total, the University has 23 departments, letting experts, in accordance with the profile of the Presidential Academy. Teaching staff — more than 300 employees, most of whom have advanced degrees.

Bags today occupies seventh place among the other educational institutions of the Saratov region according to the ranking of universities.

Affiliate program

Volga management Institute named PA StolypinIn Addition to the wide vzaimoraschetyi with other structural units of the Ranepa Volga management Institute named by P. A. Stolypin not less actively cooperates with foreign universities and the leading Russian universities. The goal of this program in General the following:

  • First of all, the exchange of students and young scientists with international Affairs;
  • The holding of international conferences in the Volga region;
  • Obtaining international grants;
  • The accumulation of experience for consultations of Russian authorities on international issues.

Successful students PAHs undergo training lasting six months in Slovakia and Belgium in the framework of the concluded agreements. It is important to note that being full visa support for students. Also the teaching staff and students of the University have the opportunity to publish their research papers in journals foreign partners.

Academic activities

Volga management Institute named PA StolypinVolga management Institute named after P. A. Stolypin, in turn, serves as a platform for placing articles in Russian scientists from abroad. On a regular basis at the University have programs to exchange knowledge, increase skill level for partners from abroad.

The Main priorities in the scientific activities of the institution remain the development and implementation of programs of modern management in government agencies. Due to new political and economic challenges facing Russia, proper distribution of human resources and their skill level is especially important.

Thus, Stolypin Academy today — this is not the last University to which you should pay attention to how the applicant for admission, and young scientists, postgraduates who wish to find themselves in research activities.

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