What is the multiplicity of societal development? What are the different types of societies


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Today we talk about what the multiplicity of social development. Reform or revolution – the first thing we are going to meet. Go!


First, let's say that the multiplicity of community development – all the ways in which different societies develop. It is no secret that the development companies may not be linear, which is why there is a sufficient number of different groups that are very different. The nature of social development can take two main forms: reform and revolution. Let's take a closer look at the first.

So, what is a reform? In Latin this word is translated as “convert”. Reform – this method of social transformation, which is implemented gradually, through a series of changing individual elements. A characteristic feature is that they do not violate some basic rules. Reform can be progressive and regressive. Unfortunately, to predict this is very difficult. It is obvious that the first kind of change brings to society benefit now or in the future (for example, the great reforms of Alexander II) and the second – harm (for example, counter-reforms of Alexander III). It is understood that the progressive reforms that have allowed the society to take a step forward in its development, and regressive or reactionary return society to a previous stage of development.the multiplicity of social development

Focus of reforms

There are three main areas in which reforms are made. Of course, they can allocate more, but the basic only these three: political, economic and social. The first is aimed at some of the transformations in the political life of society (law change, empowerment, modernization of the electoral system, etc.). The second aim of transforming the economic aspect, that is everything related to farm management (antitrust law, excise taxes, private business, etc.). Social reforms aimed at society itself. They can improve or complicate the lives of people (changing the retirement age, social security, employment, etc.).the multiplicity of social development the types of societies


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The Reform can be carried out in all spheres of life, for there is no that would not respond to changes. They can have minor consequences and can entail a change of social system or a change of government: the reforms of Peter I, reforms of 90-ies of the last century in Russia, etc.


Multivariate community development – this is not reform, but revolution. In Latin this word is translated as “revolution”. We can say that the revolution – the process opposite to reforms. It involves qualitative and quantitative changes in many or even in all spheres of life of society, which is achieved by decisive action. Most often it is the revolutions and revolts that carry long-term consequences. Revolution can be long-term and short-term. The first can last a very long time: for example, the Neolithic revolution. The second lasts up to a year.the multiplicity of social development is

Innovation and modernization

Multivariate social development is impossible without innovation. Currently, such concepts as revolution or reform, replaced the word “innovation”. What is it? It is a small one-time improvement that maximizes something to the limit in the conditions created. Also, you can often meet such a thing as a “modernization”. Sociologists have closely linked the development of societies with the term, because it means moving from something traditional to the newer, Mature and perfect. There are two theories of upgrading:

  • Primary, which is based on the development of Western capitalism.
  • Secondary, which means the displacement of identity and uniqueness the introduction of a Western-style. Sometimes this theory is called the theory of direct borrowing, or Westernization.

plan a multiplicity of social development

Multiplicity of social development: typology of societies

Most Often, the societies klassificeret on four basic criteria: the written, the number of management levels, level of development, structural characteristics. The first criterion identified in writing and the types of preliterate society. In the second (the number of levels of management, the differentiation of society) - simple (in which no distinction is made between ordinary people and power, between rich and poor) and complex (multi-tiered system of control, there is stratification of society) societies. The level of development of any of these can be developed, developing or underdeveloped. Formation sign klassificeret companies:

  • Classless society, which includes the primitive community and the Communist society.
  • A Class society, which includes the slave, feudal and capitalist societies.

the multiplicity of social development reform or revolution

Formation approach Marx

What could be the multiplicity of societal development? What it is, we already know, but to answer the question about how it can be possible with specific approaches. There are several, but we consider the two - civilizational and formational. The latter was developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

A Key concept in their approach – it is a socio-economic system. To sum up, it turns out that this is the same as the society-a society that is at a certain stage of development and is considered in the unity of their industrial and economic forces over which must have add-on. It represents a certain ideology or belief system inherent in all of society, and plays a critical role in shaping public opinion, and is also closely intertwined with economic postulates. Must also have a basis, which represents a certain economic system does not depend on entities that enter into economic relations.

In Marx's theory an important place to the productive forces - the people and the means of production, which possess the necessary knowledge or skills. The add-in is selected depending on what was chosen as the basis. The latter defines a basis of formation and solves the issue of membership of the society to one or another type.the multiplicity of social development is the definition

Civilizational approach

What is the multiplicity of societal development? This definition in the civilizational approach has some differences from the first considered approach:

  • The Object of study - not the type of economic system a society of individuals, which develops depending on their needs and interests.
  • The Man regarded not only as a productive resource, but as a person with their moral and social principles.
  • Different aspects of society are equal (policies, culture, law, economy). Economic development does not play a dominant role.

Multiplicity of social development: types of societies

There are three main types of companies:

  1. Traditional, in which the main factor of production-land. It is aimed at obtaining food and done by manual work. Agriculture in this society is about 80 %. Man lives 40-50 years. Characteristics: a closed social system, there is no contact with other countries, low social mobility.
  2. Industrial, which in the first place is industry and capital accumulation. Society becomes controlled, to build links with other States, recognized the rule of law.
  3. Post-industrial, where the value of knowledge and services. Dramatically increases the level of automation, increased life expectancy (over 70 years). Society is controlled, there is political pluralism, democracy is developing.

the multiplicity of social development what it is

As we can see the multiplicity of social development (the types of societies we have considered above) has a lot of difference. Not all countries today have moved towards a post-industrial mind. What can States do left on industrial level? To make a plan. The multiplicity of social development will allow to choose the necessary strategy for the coming years in order to advance to the post-industrial type.


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