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All children in the school study foreign languages, there are given knowledge of the volume of the school program. When entering higher educational institutions need to have good knowledge. IELTS is the standard English exams at international level. Here knowledge is graded on a scale. IELTS is a certificate that assesses and confirms you have received the knowledge of the English language. There are two types of international exams in English language is academic and General. The most difficult is the academic IELTS, which is necessary for admission to higher education institutions in countries with the English language. Certificate is required for study in America, the UK, Austria and Canada, as well as in Asia and Africa.

In the exam you need to score average score below 6.5, but in some countries educational institutions require a middle score of at least 7,5. For admission must find out what score you need for College, University where you are applying. Developed the format of the exam Ielts, which includes listening, reading, writing an exam, speaking. Listening you will listen to an audio recording, read the questions and answer them in thirty minutes. The recording can be heard once, you will be asked 40 questions, you need to quickly answer them by posting the answers on the examination paper. The second stage of the exam is reading. In one hour you need to answer 40 questions. Texts are taken from Newspapers and magazines, divided into 3 units of 1,000 characters each.

Written IELTS exam is one hour and includes 2 tasks - that the report and essay. The report is not less than 150 words, he describes the image of a graphical pattern in English. The essay must be at least 250 words, well-written, in compliance with the rules of grammar. The last spoken part of the exam lasts no more than 14 minutes. The examiner conducts the interview in a separate room, with a recorder. The whole exam is conducted in three stages. The first part includes the introduction and conversation on General topics, and then issued a card with the image. Examinees must describe not more than 2 minutes. In conclusion, you need to answer additional questions from the examiner regarding the images on the card.

Learning standard of the international English language only in official test centre. You need to pre-register, fill out an application to test a special form. Registration is carried out in advance - a month before the IELTS exam. To pass the exam the first time is very difficult, so it is necessary to retake. According to the new regulations, which came into force from 2006 year, retake of the examination is not limited, you can take as long as necessary. Once the exam is successfully completed, all tests passed, you're in for 13 days will receive an official certificate.

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