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A Group of foundry alloys based on aluminum containing silicon from 4 to 22%, called silumin. Alloys have high resistance to corrosion in a humid environment and sea water. The composition of silumin (alloy) also includes a small amount of manganese, zinc, titanium, iron, copper and calcium. They have good casting and mechanical properties, easy cutting. The appearance is more reminiscent of cast iron, and recognize him, having no experience with it, hard.

Main properties

On properties it is often compared with steel (stainless). It should be noted that he compared the latter has a lower specific gravity. Silumin-an alloy of aluminium with silicon. Have the following properties:

  • Specific strength. Indicators and alloy steels with close values, but given that the weight of the silumin less design of it better;
  • Resistance to wear;
  • Corrosion resistance. On the metal surface forms a protective film, which protects it from the negative influence of the environment;
  • Low specific gravity equal to 2.8 g/cm3;
  • Plasticity. When filling in forms from get alloy parts having complicated configurations. Thanks to the good castability, the casting process reduces the cost;
  • Low melting point. It is about 6000 degrees Celsius, which is significantly lower than the melting point of steel. This property also affects the casting and reduces the cost of the operations;
  • Affordable price.
aluminium Alloy with silicon

These properties of silumin (alloy) show that this material is advantageous to use in the manufacture of various products. However, it should be noted that it has a high fragility. In the fall the item is made of silumin, can crack.


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Silumin-an alloy based on aluminum. They add the silicon and some other elements to improve properties. For quick and accurate selection of a material with a specific composition and percentage of elements entering into it has developed a label alloys.

alloy Tubes

It includes a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters. Letters indicate included features, and numbers – their percentage, except for aluminium. The letters are arranged in descending order of the percentage content of the element. Entry АК12Ц3 means that the alloy contains 12% silicon, 3% zinc, and everything else – 85% aluminum.

Types of silumin

Silumin in non-ferrous metallurgy are divided into:

  • Wrought (doauthenticate and eutectic). When casting doauthenticate alloys are used only doped silicon 4–10%. Sometimes a small amount of impurities, copper and manganese. The eutectic is at about 13% silicon.
  • Cast (hypereutectic). They possess high fluidity, which ensures production of castings with complex shapes and thin walls, low shrinkage, low tendency to form cracks. The silicon content up to 20%.

Repair of silumin

Silumin-an alloy with increased fragility, therefore products from it in the operation may crack.

Kazan camp

To restore them used epoxy glue. Appearance is restored, but use it under heavy loads is not necessary. For bonding should:

  • Degrease that place, which will be applied the glue, let dry;
  • Dissolve the glue, in accordance with the enclosed instructions and apply on degreased surface;
  • Tightly connect the broken part and forget about them for a day.

Welding Repair

In some cases, damaged the product is better to weld. This procedure is carried out independently at home or refer to a specialist. When working temperature of the material rises, as a result, the alloy appears oxide film, preventing the connection parts of the product. To eliminate these negative phenomena for welding use argon, providing protection from negative factors. For work you must:

  • To prepare a non-consumable tungsten electrodes and solder for welding structures made of aluminum;
  • Degrease the surface;
  • Product fix;
  • Preheat the surface to 220 degrees Celsius. For heat dissipation welded metal piece to put on the steel strip;
  • Weld the seam using alternating current;
  • Make the seams for an aesthetic appearance.
smokehouse Single

The Product is ready for operation at light loads.


Low cost combined with technology enables the alloy of silumin, which is composed of aluminum with silicon, widely used in the national economy:

  • Mechanical engineering – pistons, parts for chassis, cylinders, engines;
  • Aircraft manufacturing – cylinder blocks, pistons for cooling aircraft components;
  • Weapons – boxes, trunks, components for air guns;
  • Gas turbine equipment – alternators, heat exchangers;
  • The manufacture of household appliances-pots, pans, cauldrons, smokehouse;
  • Sculpture technique.
Travel pan

As part of silumin (alloy) may be present Supplement, zinc, titanium, iron, potassium, copper in small quantities. All his marks have significant casting qualities, fluidity, and just welded together. The alloy's inherent durability and strength, but it is a fragile material. Products made of silumin handle big loads, but the fall can crack. This is the main disadvantage of the material.

Groups of alloys

There are several groups of silumin associated with its use:

  1. Eutectic. Marking AK12, refers to the casting alloys containing 12% silicon. It is characterized by corrosion resistance, small casting shrinkage, considerable hardness, tightness. Apply for casting equipment, parts, machinery, equipment complex shape. Because of the fragility is not recommended to cast critical parts for operation under load.
  2. Doauthenticate. It is marked by Ak9ch, casting has high technological properties, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Used for the manufacture of complex parts of large or medium size. Retains properties at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. Large parts of it work under heavy load.
  3. Hypereutectic. High alloy high alloy AK21M2 has a high heat resistance and durability. Used for the manufacture of shaped castings. Goes to the manufacture of pistons operating in the environment of high temperatures.


Silumin-alloy, in which aluminum is the major element. The addition of silicon makes the material hard and wear resistant. Upon receipt of the silumin castings are not formed cracks. There is not a single sector of the economy, which would not have used aluminum alloys.

Silumin - alloy

Silumin are used for the manufacture of shells for firearms, spare parts for cars, motorcycles, vessels, utensils. All the alloys of aluminium and silicon called silumin. And they all have different properties. It depends on the content in the composition of silumin (alloy) of silicon, which may reach 4–22% of the total. Than more alloy, so it is harder, but at the same time becomes more brittle.


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