Predatory story? The creation of the novel "Dubrovsky"


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This text has a number of film, his story became the basis for the famous Opera. For many of Pushkin's contemporaries and the most distinguished researchers of his creativity is the only adventure story, the creation of the novel “covered” many declared a delusion, an error of the great poet. Is it so?

Russian Robin hood

the story of the creation of the novel Dubrovsky

Pushkin's genius forced him to put all new and new tasks. The poetry was the language that became the basis of great literature, great culture. In prose in this language-simple, clear, expressive – was written "the tales of Belkin", which can hardly be called a purely prose texts, because they are so poetic at the precise location for each word for each sound.

From "Ladies peasant" to "Dubrovsky"

Although two years after “Ladies peasant” in “Dubrovsky” will again appear young people from neighbouring estates, even they seem to communicate – leaving in the hollow of a tree the message, the story of the creation of the novel "Dubrovskii" shows us a new Pushkin. Grown-up author very different looks at the world.the history of the novel Dubrovsky by Pushkin

Beginning in the summer of 1831, Pushkin is becoming increasingly important to establish a prose of another nature, where the main content becomes fascinating story told. The creation of the novel “covered” could begin with the desire to create a Russian replica of the adventurous novels, so popular in Western literature. But consider Pushkin's text but the echo of the novels of Walter Scott or reasoning on “robber” the theme proposed by Schiller, unacceptably banal to the level of Alexander. Perhaps the first motive of thought could have a similar form, but they then become much greater.


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That Ostrovsky was initially planned to be called the main hero of Pushkin. The impression made on him told a good friend of Moscow by V. P. Nasonini story. The creation of the novel “covered” is largely determined by familiarity through Pushkin Nashchokin with the circumstances of the case the Belarusian landowner Paul Ostrovsky.

Papers in the possession of a small hamlet in the twenty-shower, which was located in the Minsk province, burned down during the Napoleonic invasion. Took advantage of a rich neighbor, seized a village from an impoverished landowner. For some time he was forced to employed home teachers, but soon in those places began attacks on bailiffs and other officials. Arrested Ostrovsky, according to some, managed to escape, sawing chain on the shackles, and his trail was lost. Before us is almost the exact plot of Pushkin's novel.

Case of Lieutenant Muratov

In the second Chapter, “Dubrovsky" Pushkin places the document that concludes a lawsuit with a former friend Troyekurov. This verdict seems the author's work so impressive is his kantselyarizmami and heavy momentum. But it turns out the copy of the document from the court case of alienation of the estates of Lieutenant Martynov in favor of the neighbor – Colonel Kryukov. Pushkin put a copy in the drafts of the novel, but by making a pencil edits – changed the real names to those which he gave to characters “Dubrovsky”.what is the history of the novel Dubrovsky

In the drafts the place – Kozlovsky district, Tambov province, where there was this story. The creation of the novel “covered” largely based on similar processes taking place in the vast Empire. The final version of the surname of the protagonist was for Pushkin the case solved when he met with similar cases in Nizhny Novgorod province, where is the famous estate of Pushkin's Boldino. Among real people, he met a landowner with such an expressive name. This name became the name of the unfinished novel, when he decided to publish in the posthumous collection of works.

Popular uprisings

Of Course, it is hard to imagine the work of Pushkin blind compilation based on real life cases. Could look like the story of the creation of the novel “covered”. Pushkin was interested in more significant phenomena of social life. How could he ignore the armed uprisings of 1830 in Paris and Lille, the Polish national liberation movement against Nicholas I, and in the contemporary Russian Empire here and there flashed cholera riots. message history of the novel Dubrovsky

Been influenced by the work on Pushkin's history of Pugachev war. What is the history of the novel "Dubrovsky" - the story of a noble thief who fought with government troops – could do without reference to the not forgotten people of the peasant war. In Kishenevsky grove going guys, very similar to those whom Pushkin was sent to the army of Pugachev in ‘the Captain's daughter”. Also we are not seeing the full approval of the author of the elements of the rebellion, – in progress "Dubrovsky” the young robber lets his gang, that seems logical.


Even very brief history of the novel “covered” invalidates a derogatory opinion of the most respected writers about the work of Pushkin. To identify it as a failed attempt to make money by creating a lean reading, you have a very arrogant attitude to a great name. Alexander, who is trying to reach the level of Zagoskin, Lazhechnikov or Bulgarin (so he is represented in the “Dubrovsky” by some critics), – too pathetic to be true. brief history of the novel Dubrovsky

It is Unknown how the author would finish his novel, but that is limited to almost point, enough to really worry about the present and future reader.


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