The notion of form of state and its elements


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When describing any state always draws attention to the fact, what land areas it includes, the number and density of population, forms of organizational Board, the nature of the political regime, level of economic development. The state is stronger, more stable running his economy, the closer interaction between the government and the people, the higher the country's defense and scientific-technical base in the service economy.


The Notion of form of state includes the set of all its characteristics, which reflect the order of formation and organization of state bodies, territorial part of the state, and those methods, techniques, in which state power is exercised. In other words, it is political power, which in the country is foremost at the moment, the political regime that it established. Therefore, it is of the form of government depends, by and large, the political life of the society, as well as the efficiency of government institutions.

You Can see that the concept and elements of the form of state connected with such minor at first glance factors, such as climatic conditions of the country, national, historical, religious identity, level of social culture etc. for Example, the presence of large territories and multi-national composition of the population residing in them, were the prerequisites for a Federal form of government in today's Russia, called the Russian Federation. Or America, where vast land areas and a large administrative independence, became the United States.


To the notion of form of state has become clearer, it is necessary to analyze the deeper elements of its structure:

  1. First of all – a form of government. Under her understand the organization and operation of the highest state bodies, their structure, scope of action and powers, ways of communication and working with the public and among themselves. The basic forms are monarchic and Republican. When all monarchical government concentrated in the hands of one person-a monarch, and this form of power is inherited ("the King is dead-long live the king!rdquo;). In turn, the monarchy is absolute, i.e., unlimited, uncontrolled and limited, constitutional. The Republican form of Board power in the state is performed by an organ elected by the people, and ruled it on behalf of the people. It may be the power of the President, Parliament or presidential-parliamentary and parliamentary-presidential, i.e. combined;
  2. State of the device – a territorial and political organization of power in the country. It determines the nature of relations between the centre and the power to the ground. There are distinguished unitary, Confederation, Federation;
  3. The concept of form state is included and the so-called political regime, i.e. state-legal ways, methods and means of exerting power. Is an authoritarian regime, close to it and opposite of the totalitarian-democratic.

Therefore, the form of the state, the concept and elements of it – it is a unity of three main factors: structure, territory, political structure.


, Land area, density, quantity and composition of the population, the government – all these parameters are common for any country. The individual that determines the actual face of the state, its essence, is expressed by the phrase “state”.

The Notion of form of state, thus, is:

  • The order in which are formed the public authorities;
  • The structure of these bodies;
  • The uniqueness of the territorial isolation of the population;
  • The relationship between the different public authorities;
  • The hints of the relationship between government and citizens;
  • The exercise of political power.

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