J. P. Morgan: a biography of the great financier


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Some people are born to leave a bright trace in history. They can be remembered as positive or negative heroes, but in any case, these unusual little people, and biography of great interest to future generations. J. P. Morgan is one of the most extraordinary personalities who lived at the junction of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It was called the most avaricious and the most generous, the most cruel and the most merciful. I think it's impossible? Just as long as you still know nothing about the greatest financier of America.

J. P. Morgan

J. P. Morgan: a biography short

A Future entrepreneur was born into an aristocratic family. More precisely, John's mother, named as born in 1837, a boy, belonged to an ancient family. The father was a successful entrepreneur and build a relationship with your son based on severity and set of rules.

Senior Morgan raised a successor and forced his son to be the best in everything. But boy it was given with great difficulty. He grew up a sickly child and suffered from a large number of chronic diseases. This list included arthritis, cramps, skin diseases and many more. Besides young John lacked love and tenderness, which was not spoiled by the parents.

J. P. Morgan received an excellent education and from early childhood showed an inclination towards entrepreneurship. During the Civil war, the young man began his career with his father and had immediately differ in several major transactions. This was only the beginning in a series of successful transactions and financial mergers.


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John was married twice and had four children. During his active career, he gained enormous influence and almost crystal reputation. Establishing the first in the history of America's financial Empire, J. P. Morgan enjoyed unprecedented love and respect some people, but for some reason has caused fierce hatred in others. This unique man was the Creator of several industrial giants (they continue to this day), but he did not feel the desire to engage in production.

Bank "J. P. Morgan chase", created by the descendants of the financier, according to the latest data, is one of the largest on the planet. Besides, Morgan was a devoted fan of the arts and collected a huge collection of original paintings and sculptures, as well as a fine library.

At the same time with greed, mentioned by many contemporaries of Morgan, he was an important philanthropist in new York. It is known that the financier has sponsored several hospitals, museums and schools.

Died J. P. Morgan at the age of seventy-five years old in 1913, leaving his heirs a fortune in one hundred million dollars.

Dzhi PI Morgan in Moscow

The Family of John Morgan and his early childhood

The mother of the future financier belonged to the genus Pierpont. Juliet had good manners and a sweet face that attracted Junius Morgan. He was considered a good match for an impoverished aristocrat, whose mother suffered from masses of diseases, and the father suffered with skin rashes. The factor of the degeneration of an aristocratic family Pierpont caused the birth of such a weakened boy.

John Morgan in early childhood was considered invalid. He spent months lying in bed, suffering from spasms and migraines. The little boy was in desperate need of praise and love, but the father sent him pretty hard hand. Despite the long list of diseases, he demanded that the son always and everywhere to be first. This is developed in John a certain arrogance and arrogance, which, combined with the appearance and tenderness provoked ridicule and rejection from peers. However, the father was watching him and commented on all spheres of life down to the choice of friends. Those who do not inspire confidence in Junius Morgan, instantly disappeared from the life of John.

The School years J. P. Morgan

John's Father quite often transferred him from one school to another. This was due to the fact that stubborn Genius didn't always like the teachers and classmates of his son. And those, in turn, showed dissatisfaction with the reticence of a boy and his alienation. Most of the time John spent reading and careful analysis of its budget. He was fluent in several languages and could afford the substantial financial expenses if they were necessary.

At ten the boy's mother is almost completely estranged from his upbringing, she often fell into a state of hysteria and depression. In the end, it entirely became a prisoner of my world, which went on for months. The only one who dealt with John, was the father. He persistently raised from the sick boy to his successor, because the business of Morgan senior walked confidently up the hill.

In these circumstances, John could completely withdraw into himself, but he still grew enough to a living child. At a time when health is allowed, the boy took the animals, went on trips and had a great student, not even having to prepare for lessons. He is very much worried about their appearance and tried to communicate only with a narrow circle of people.

The Family frequently moved, John studied in Boston and London, where at fourteen got him a new attack of illness, teen chained to bed for six long months.

Life onThe Azores

Concerned about the health of the son, and after consulting with various doctors, Morgan, Sr. made the decision to send my son to the Azores, where he spent away from loved ones for about a year. It should be noted that the warm climate went to a teenager good. He recovered and lost the usual pallor. John was actively moving, taking care of the local beauties, and for a time forgot about all their problems. The only thing that bothered the boy is the indifference of parents. He often wrote them, and these letters were filled with love and longing.

In the Azores J. P. Morgan met its fifteenth anniversary, but father never congratulated him on the occasion in another letter where told to gather strength and prepare for heavy work.

J. P. Morgan Bank in Moscow

The Beginning of the Empire Morgan

After returning home, John was sent to Switzerland to continue his education. He began to feel much more confident and full of energy young body is better able to cope with regular bouts of illness. Young Morgan was doing very well, began to make new friends and know the sweet taste of victory over women.

After Switzerland John studied in London and Germany and then returned to his father in America. At this moment the Civil war began, made a bustle and confusion in the ranks of entrepreneurs. But it had nothing to do with the Morgans, they were able to largely benefit from the current situation. They began to supply the army with weapons, ammunition and cotton. Young Morgan very harshly and confidently carried out his deal, turning the company literally Golden rain. , Junius was surprised by the grip of the son, because gradually manifested signature handwriting of J. P. Morgan - risk, rigour and prudence. In a pair of father and son managed to crank out a lot of transactions that seemed to John very easy. He suddenly realized what really wants to do, and was obsessed with making tens of thousands of dollars, which subsequently became the core of his Empire.

First love John. Morgan

After the first victories in business, Morgan met his first and only love. Her name was Amelia Sturges, but in love with John affectionately called her Mimi and faithfully cared for her. Belle was the daughter of railroad magnate and different cute appearance combined with excellent education and a calm disposition. John the beloved spent all his free time and his business is steadily going uphill. Morgan became involved with loans for the military, which brought it to a new level among businessmen of America.

He made his beloved proposal and has already started preparing for the wedding when she suddenly fell ill. After some hesitation the doctors diagnosed him with tuberculosis, which meant that the sentence for the young and beautiful Emily. John was beside herself with grief, but did not abandon their plans. He married the weakened girl and took her to Paris and then to Algeria. The young man had hoped that the warmer climate and sunshine would do wonders for you, and girlfriend will recover. But this was not to happen - Emilia Morgan have not been married for even two months.

Twenty-year-old John Pierpont Morgan long departed of fallen on him grief. Many biographers of the financier later wrote that his love for Emilia he kept in his heart until his death. None of the subsequent women were not able to become a worthy replacement of Mimi.

Morgan: a few strokes to the psychological portrait of a person

At twenty-three John married Frances Tracy. Over the years of marriage the couple had four children, but they are a stretch could be called happy. The couple were completely different in temperament. John got the pleasure of communicating with people and the noisy city, and his wife sought solitude. This led to the fact that the pair increasingly spent time apart, they go for months living on different continents. Of course, around the financier had many women, and he did not hide the fact that he had several mistresses. Many ladies admitted that it was not a handsome man, Morgan had an incredible magnetism and charisma. It's impossible for him to refuse, but the words of the financier, said in a quiet voice always sounded loudly.

J. P. Morgan Bank

Morgan thought that the money should be spent on something that is dear to my heart. In his case it was expressed in art and real estate. Gradually appeared:

  • A house on Madison Avenue;
  • The library is built on a special project;
  • Villa on the Hudson;
  • Several yacht "Corsair" (they had a different displacement, but always the same name).

John Morgan liked to find the talent and invest in various new projects. He could communicate freely with absolutely ordinary people, who interested him something. You know how covered house and Morgan? Of course, with electricity. Introduction Thomas Edison made the financier a great impression, and he was the first in new York electrified their homes and offices.

Dzhi PI Morgan chase

Bono Morgan

Many spoke of Morgan as a very greedy person, this opinion was due to his isolation and inability to lead long small talk. He could with a light heart to invest millions in an interesting project and deny the ordinary beggar on the street in a pair of cents. Few people knew that John Priport actively involved in charity work, but just forbidden to advertisethis fact among the public.

At the dawn of his career, financier donated fabulous at the time sum for the construction of the modern genitive of separation, and further every month he wrote a check on its contents. Communicating with Tesla, J. P. Morgan paid for the electrification of the streets in Manhattan in order to reduce crime. It is known that every year the patron provided financial support to many American labor schools and museums.

It is Known that in a fit of generosity, John Pierpont was able to bestow those who gave him money and property. And he happily maintained a relationship with them.

ORGANIZACIJA: the basics and the rules

Active financial activities of John and Junius Morgan has led to what economists have identified a process by which there was Empire building. It was called organizatiei, and it was based on three principles, which Morgan, Sr. inspired his son literally since childhood.

The First principle, is the prohibition on speculative investments. In the company of Morgana, it was believed that they lead to loss and ruin the reputation that is relevant to the second principle of organizatsii. John Priport argued that people with a bad reputation, can't work in Finance and make any transactions. Morgan believed that trust is the Foundation of a successful transaction. The third principle was the prudence and capital controls. It is these rules led to the establishment of a vast Empire, which influenced the government of America.

Dzhi PI Morgan and brakcet

Financial Empire Morgan

You could say that the great Empire began with the funding of the Railways. The end of the nineteenth century was characterized by rapid development of this industry, and any growth is impossible without a constant influx of money.

"J. P. Morgan Bank" has financed a variety of railway companies, placing them under his tight control. Morgan himself has been closely monitoring the development of companies and did not give them a chance to fail. He was ready at any moment to interfere in the Affairs of leaders and to undertake a major reshuffle, appointing to supervising posts of new people. Over time, the business had only a strong company that I trusted Morgan. It has United the American railroad, and the "J. P. Morgan Bank" raised its rating and got new investors who admired the business acumen of the financier. Just a few years, he already controlled a large part of the country's Railways.

"J. P. Morgan Bank", continued its activities in all fields of industry. Thanks to him, created a new company, which unites under its brand a variety of industries. In the end, this activity was for the benefit of the economy, acquiring power and strength.

But most of all Morgan did for America as a whole. He has saved the country from financial collapse and it plunged into the horror of presidents and the government. On the verge of another crisis, they understood how closely connected with Morgan, who was one or two decisions decide the fate of entire countries. Still early in his career he managed to persuade European bankers to transfer their capital to America, and personally supervised this process. For many years, the Bank Morgan practically carried out functions of the national Bank of the United States, which naturally could not to scare congressmen and presidents. It seemed that Morgan has a boundless influence, and only his death forced America to take some measures in order to protect themselves from similar situations in the future.

"J. P. Morgan chase": the creation and description

The Bank, created by the merger of several major us banks, is recognized as one of the best investment projects of modernity. "JP Morgan chase" was created in several stages, and the main kernel was "Chemical Bank". He was separated as an independent company only in the mid-nineteenth century, and at the end of the last century it was bought by chase Manhattan Bank.Dzhi PI Morgan chase Bank

As a result, in 2000 there was a merger of "chase Manhattan" and "J. P. Morgan company." The company is called "J. P. Morgan chase Bank." Now its affiliates operate in thirty-six countries around the world, and it continues to expand its influence. Many contemporary analysts argue that "J. P. Morgan chase Bank" embodies the dream of the great financier of the system that penetrated through branches in all countries on the planet and could do the global economy.

In recent months, the press often mentions "Dzhi PI Morgan" and pexit in the same columns of the news. This is due to the fact that the Bank actively cooperated with the European countries and in the conditions of leaving the EU seeks to prevent its loss. Periodically, restrictions on cash withdrawals and other not very popular among the population of Britain action. Although, according to analysts, this should not lead to a crisis of the financial system of England.

Moscow: Bank Morgan

J. P. Morgan in Moscow, never been there, but viewed Russia as a very promising country. His policy continued children, so in the seventies of the last century in the capital was opened the first branch of the financial Empire of Morgan.

"J. P. Morgan Bank" in Moscow is very active. He is a leader in conducting transactions in dollars and advising a large Russian company, operating in the international market.

John Morgan has managed to create a completely new financial management system, which changed ideas about the possibilities of banks. Surprisingly, until now, all the company of financier successfully develop and find itself in a rather difficult modern conditions. This suggests that Morgan is truly a genius, which were subject to any cash flows.

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