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One of the most difficult creative tasks in the classroom literature – comparative characteristics of the characters. It can be characters with similar stories from different works. For example, often offer students associate's Pechorin from "the Hero of our time" by Mikhail Lermontov with Pushkin's Onegin. But usually it is the characters of one piece. In eighth grade the children learn the story of Alexander Pushkin "captain's daughter" and write an essay "Comparative characteristics of Grineva and Sabrina" – the main characters of this story.

green shoot

Plan works

To begin To understand how to write an essay "Grinev and Shvabrin: comparative analysis", plan which should be well thought out.

  1. Introductory remarks. Here one can briefly tell about the book that you write an essay, about why these characters you picked for comparison.
  2. Find out what is common to heroes. Compare their education, upbringing, Outlook on life, attitude to people, their personal qualities, relationship with society.
  3. Now answer, what differences they have. You can do it at the same points that were outlined above.
  4. Why the author compares characters? How it applies to them?
  5. How do you feel about these heroes?

Now there is something to lean on, and write a comparative description of Peter Grineva and Sabrina in the essay will be much easier.

Grinev and Pugachev

Plot summaries

You should Start with a small story about the story. What a "captain's daughter"? Why so called? Who is the main character? Before writing about the relative performance of Sabrina and Grineva in the book, briefly tell us about the plot. Write that "the captain's daughter" – this is the story of Peter Greene, on how he arrived on the instructions of the father in the Belogorskaya fortress, he met with Masha Mironova, the daughter of the commandant, about how it helped to protect the castle and people from the RAID of the army of Pugachev. Masha, fell in love with Peter and became his wife, helped him in everything and was saved from prison, asking about this Empress.


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Common traits of the two characters in the book "Comparative characteristics of Grineva and Sabrina"

Why did you write it on the Green and Sabrina? The fact is that throughout the novel, these characters constantly collide and conflict for the reason that they are too different. Of the common only that they are both young, both military and serve in the Belogorsky fortress and are interested Masha Mironova. We can say that there the similarity ends.

Duel Grineva and Sabrina

What is the difference between them?

Now let's talk about the differences. If Petra Hrinova we learn from and know who his parents are as educated and trained, have an idea about the character, then by Sabrinam meet only in strongholds, and it is known only that there was some dark history with the assassination in which he was sent to serve to captain Mironov. Greene was raised in a complete family, his father was retired military, so childhood Peter instilled sense of honor and conscience.

His Education is classical, but we all remember the story about the teacher, which his father wrote from France. Green did not receive a good education, but was raised a good boy, the parents instilled in him a moral and the moral foundations that should have a real officer.

Alexey Shvabrin – a gentleman, well educated, intelligent. But there is no sincere feelings, he's a mean and insignificant, any situation is trying to wrap in a favorable light for themselves.

Masha and the wounded green

Related people

What can you say about the attitude of the people? Green – a simpleton, he doesn't see the bad in people. It easily twisted around your little finger in the Parking lot, with the result that he loses a hundred rubles. He trusts Sabrina no notice in it of bad qualities and did not see ridicule. Grineva have an open heart. He was impressed by the beauty of Masha, composes a poem about her, which tells Sabrina. And he makes fun of his work, and of Peter himself, and even taunts Mary. Shvabrin angry that the captain's daughter rejected him. More hard-hitting opinion formed of us, when Shvabrin cunning sly hurt Grineva in a duel. We already understand that we should not trust such people that this is a potential traitor. Back to him you can't turn around even if I consider him a friend. But simple-minded Peter did not even think about this turn of events. Taught him trust, generosity. Even in the most difficult situations Grinev because of its quality manages not to get lost, but in the end still is awarded for kindness. He asks for forgiveness from serf Savelyevich, although not obliged to do so. But Pugacheva sees not just as a criminal, but as a person who is not alien to the nobility.

defense fortress

Honor and conscience Grineva and Sabrina

Comparative characteristic of the composition – a brief description of the personal qualities of the characters of the novel. The concept of honor andmilitary duty of the heroes are different. Shvabrin is ready to serve anyone, if only to please and find a comfortable warm place, seeking benefits. As soon as the Pugachev took the fortress, Shvabrin has assessed the realignment of forces, and immediately took his side. And Grinev, not fearing death, refused to serve the rebel. However, from the gallows, he was saved by the fact that Pugachev remembered the coat, which is green he once gave. So kindness saved Grinev life.

Peter defends the fortress. He is not going to go on the side of the enemy, as had once sworn to the Empress. It would be a betrayal, and betrayal Grinev alien – not so he was brought up. For Alexei, the main thing is to stay alive and unharmed. To save his skin, he defected to the rebels immediately, as it is called.

Shvabrin – the antithesis Grineva?

Why Pushkin introduced in the story a villain Sabrina? The fact that the background Sabrina green looks even more of a hero even cleaner spiritually. While Shvabrin falls into moral abyss, Greene grows as a person and as an officer. Without Sabrina, which is its antipode, it would not be so explicitly.

At the conclusion of the essay, "Comparative characteristics of Grineva and Sabrina" be sure to write about your heroes. You can admire by Grineva and hate Sabrina, and can, conversely, stand on the side of Alexis and try to protect him. The main thing that you sincerely wrote about his vision of the characters and respect for them.

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