Why did Lenin - Lenin and Stalin - Stalin?


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Well-Known personalities have always used aliases. It is very convenient, especially for the creative souls: poets, artists chose a name with a special meaning, talking about something. Sometimes the choice of alias is associated with political activity and helps a long time to disappear. Most often it was used by such famous people as V. I. Lenin, I. V. Stalin. Many people are interested in why Lenin-Lenin?

The leader of the proletariat

Ulyanov Lenin for his political life used a lot of aliases. The future leader of the Russian proletariat, led violent political activities and consisted of the social democratic party. Of course, he often had to hide, change your name. One of his aliases was Lenin. This name remained with him until the end of life. Versions of why Lenin took the alias Lenin, and all of them seem plausible.

Lena River

Some historians say that this name Vladimir Ilyich took the name of the river Lena. The legend says that in 1912 on the river shot the workers who went on strike. This event shocked the V. I. Lenin, and in memory of the victims he decided to take this nickname. But the point is that to subscribe to this name he became much earlier – back in 1901. So there was another reason or excuse to take the name of Lenin (alias). Why can't it be an imitation?

why Lenin - Lenin

Plekhanov – Volgin

It is Impossible not to take into account the fact that allies in the fight communicated with each other, often imitated each other. So, knowing that Plekhanov took for himself the pseudonym Volgin, Vladimir Ilyich decided to use a similar name – is also from the name of the river. And it was in 1901.


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In the same period, in a public meeting attended by famous agronomist S. N. Lenin. The future leader of the proletariat often quoted this scholar, and they could use his name. So this is why Lenin-Lenin. But no – there is another, more plausible version.

Lenin alias why

Friendly help

It Turns out there was another episode in the life of Lenin, which brought him to that name. Before all the above events, in 1900, Vladimir Ilyich had to travel outside the Russian Empire. But this required a passport. Due to his political activities, Lenin was sure that he would not be released abroad. I had to look for another opportunity to obtain a passport. And this time, it happens unexpected meeting Krupskaya with her good school friend, who also sympathized with the democratic movement of socialists. This friend and stole a passport from his father – Lenin, Nikolai Yegorovich and gave him a future leader of the proletariat. It was enough to forge only the year of birth and Vladimir Ilyich was Nikolai Lenin. Since then the chieftain of this name, and painted. From the history it becomes clear why Lenin-Lenin.

why Lenin took the pseudonym Lenin

Associate of the leader of the proletariat

The History of the revolution gave birth to its heroes, leaders, politicians. The modern generation gets a different education different from education in the USSR. Many do not know the details of the life of Lenin and his associates. Therefore, asking the question: why is Lenin-Lenin and Stalin-Stalin?

why Lenin Lenin, and Stalin Stalin

At the end of the XIX century lived and worked a translator of E. S. Stalin. He was engaged in journalism, was a publisher-editor. He belongs to the best translations of the works of Shota Rustaveli – “anything”. During this period, I. Dzhugashvili also wrote poetry and even published. Of course, he had heard of Stalin, was reading his translations. From his youth he loved the newspaper “Caucasus”. And “anything” is one of the most beloved Stalin works.

Events history

So, reading the Georgian literary magazines and Newspapers, familiarity with the works of E. Stalin led to the fact that I. Dzhugashvili had great respect for this man. He had besides an excellent memory: after many years, being an ally of Lenin, Stalin took the name Stalin, reducing it. That is why Lenin-Lenin and Stalin-Stalin. These aliases become known around the world.

why Lenin Lenin and Stalin Stalin

Of Course, aliases politicians firmly associated with historical events of the period, when the state experienced a fracture. But often taken the name so match the man that many remember him only by alias and I don't know the real name. But we must study history to avoid any such questions as this: why did Lenin-Lenin?

Not everyone shares the beliefs of the revolutionaries, the social Democrats and the like figures of the last century. But the events already happened, they need to remember, study and know the leaders of the movement, including their names and aliases.

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