"Blood with milk": the meaning of the idiom and the interpretation


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Consider the meaning of the idiom “the blood milk” and talk about the women who embody its meaning in all its glory.


meaning of the idiom blood and milk

Talk about a healthy complexion. And last in this sense can be neither gray nor yellow, it can only be pink. But the color – this is not all, it is also important figure. For example, very thin can not serve as a specimen of health. Thinness is generally perceived as a sign of disease. When little kids like buns, it's good. Another thing that some parents do not know this sense of proportion and continue to overfeed their ‘Chicks", but in the end it leads to big problems.

Our main goal – to understand what blood with milk. The meaning of the idiom is not a mystery and is recorded in the dictionary. There are two main meanings:

  1. Healthy, blooming, with a good complexion.
  2. Fresh, ruddy face.


blood with milk synonymous with

Now knowing the meaning, we can think about the words-substitutions. Men find it easier to imagine healthy, strong women than the same of boys and girls, probably, Vice versa. So we will think about the fair sex. And anyway, even if you try very hard, there is the image of a burly village girl, who all can and full of energy. Needless to say, in short, blood with milk (meaning of the idiom discussed earlier). However, it is sufficient, the image is clear, and the list of synonyms is:

  • Apple-cheeked;
  • Fresh;
  • Ruddy;
  • Bursting with health.

If looking for an international image, it POPs up by itself, the phrase “a Rubenesque woman”. This is probably the most intuitive and recognizable type of woman who openly and shamelessly healthy and desirable. Although, of course, now there is some diversity in the canons of beauty: someone likes thin people, someone bbw, someone athletic – all of them equally can count on the attention of men. Here still it is necessary to take into account the severity of a parameter, as far as they meet the scale of “health – disease”. There is the problem of excess weight, anorexia, and excessive Hobbies a healthy lifestyle. Here we are not talking about extremes, of course. But this is not required, to illustrate the sustainable figure of speech called "blood milk”. A synonym for it, we had picked up.


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Kate Winslet, Renee Zellweger and Martin McCutcheon

the expression on blood and milk

And, of course, we are not talking about the modern form of the Actresses. By the way, we noticed that all people with age, aging, and some Hollywood stars, on the contrary, younger: lose weight, get how they think, in order. But from that ideal that we need, they go infinitely far, so we'll take not a modern version of their appearance, and last way years ago 15-16.

Despite the fact that Bridget Jones is incredibly ashamed of how she felt, their extra pounds, it does not prevent her ideally suited for the role illustration of our theme – “the Meaning of the idiom “the blood milk””.

Kate Winslet we also are interested in the same time, 13 years ago, when the “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”. In the film, of course, the heroine smokes and at some point behaving immorally: vodka give her till 5pm, but overall gives the impression of a healthy and wholesome women, however, are emotionally unstable, but this is minor.

A Vivid image of a woman who may be suitable to illustrate the expression “blood and milk”, created by Martin McCutcheon. She played Natalie, the girl of the Prime Minister of the UK in the film ‘Real love" (2003). Those who have forgotten, looks like this actress, you can see in the photo.

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