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Each of us, probably, in the childhood dreamed about space, I wanted to explore the Universe, to feel it, but to hold these aspirations through the years and realize they are not to everyone's shoulder.

The 77th nationwide and 305-m astronaut in the world – that is the pilot-cosmonaut of the Russian Federation – Yuri Usachev. This man is not only lucky enough to realize their childhood dreams about the sky, but also become one of the most honored and respected astronauts, both in the country and abroad.

In addition, Usachev managed to popularize the space program, to bring it to the masses. Yuri got the idea to try out their writing assignments. And he is, of course, failed. Read his works today everyone can. Enough to walk to the nearest library and find the right shelf.

And Therefore is well-known to each of us talented admirer of space, Yuri Usachev. Photo committed them flying grace the pages of each of his works.

Childhood, school and student time

Usachev Yuriy

Yuri was born in Rostov region on 9 October 1957. Note, he was not the only child in the family – he had an older brother and sister, which was a few minutes older. The boy's mother worked all his life at the factory as a technician and his father a miner and underground electrician.

Usachev Yuri grew very smart kid and at the age of six his parents sent him to the first class of secondary school №5 of Donetsk city. In addition to studying, the boy has fully dedicated himself to the sport. He was particularly interested in these types of fight as in judo and Sambo.


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After school, he worked as a Turner at the cotton factory, where he worked for relatively short – the young man was sent to the military courses of the Voluntary society for assistance to army, aviation and fleet, marking the end of which he was issued a driver's license of the 3rd class. Some time later, Yuri was drafted for military service in the army. There, after finishing the compulsory part of the training was appointed commander of the Department.

Upon returning from military service in 1978, he enrolled in preparatory courses Moscow aviation Institute named after Ordzhonikidze. In September, is enrolled at the faculty of Astronautics, which later successfully graduated in 1985 with a degree in mechanical engineering.

The beginning

Yury Usachev astronaut

In connection with the difficult financial situation in the family, Yuri had to combine study with work. And as a student at the aviation Institute, he was lucky to take the place of senior laboratory assistant at the faculty that helped to work to the detriment of the educational process. And during the internship, which lasted from February to April 1985, he was offered the role of a sailor training ship under the name "Syme".

Later he comes in as an engineer in the rocket-space Corporation «Energy» behalf of the Queen, where, with dignity after the first three years, decides to apply for enrollment in the cosmonaut corps. The statement of the young, but promising young men authorities approved and immediately sent him for medical examination.

As a result, in October 1988, doctors acknowledge it as fit for service and, on 21 October, he is admitted to further training at the cosmonaut training center named after Gagarin. A day later the light appears his only and beloved daughter Eugenia. In the words of the astronaut, it was the best gift he could give life.

Space activities Usacheva

Usachev Yuri cosmonaut

At the end of January 1989 Usachev Yuri, an astronaut, was recommended for inclusion in the main part of the rocket-space Corporation «Energy». There he began work on the booster and taken together with the rest of the active participation and consideration of issues of further construction of aircraft, and was adopted for the development plan of the spacewalk.

Exactly a month later he was given the position of test-cosmonaut. There, he met with an experienced pilot and future commander of the crew – Yuri Onufrienko. And in 1991 he enrolled in the command space Corporation «Energy». Subsequently, he held a course of General space training at the orbital shelter called “Peace”.

Since mid-October 1992 and January 1993, he carries out the necessary training to fly into space, trying on the role of the onboard mechanical engineer of the ship.

On 24 January of the same year, Yuri Usachev were duplicating the face of the on-Board engineer leading the expedition to the space station «World» and «Soyuz TM-15» captain Poleshchuk. From 8 February to 24 June, the jury carried out the following on account of special training for astronauts, only in accordance with the program PC-14. These changes occurred due to the fact that Yuri and his former chief of Tsibliev had over their shoulders a the experience of flying in the open space and the superiors do not dare to leave them together in one crew, and is that different.

July 1, 1993, he again acted as a backup flight engineer of the fourteenth expedition. And on August 16 the astronaut had to proceed to the nextthe preparations for the expedition.

First flight

Yury Usachev photo

First and long awaited flight to the open space Yuri Usachev (astronaut) carried out in the period from January to July 1994 at the rocket «Soyuz-18" and the orbital complex “World” together with Polyakov and Afanasiev, who later became his best friends. Upon returning to Earth he was awarded the title of Hero of Russia, Pilot-cosmonaut of the Russian Federation and also purposeful, and budding researcher was qualified as a test cosmonaut of the third class.

After Spending some time in a well-earned vacation, Usachev Yuri decides to return to work. However, soon he was again called up for the second crew EO-19 is infamous he Poleshchuk. The astronaut quickly gained momentum and improved received them in the past flying skills in space.

June 27, 1995, he was a backup flight engineer of the lead crew Budarin. He then began following the training, though now he spoke in the first crew.

Second flight

Yury Usachev one day in space

The Next journey into space began on 21 February and lasted for 2 September 1996 the team «Soyuz-23" and the twenty-first mission to orbit. The second flight proved to be debuting Usachev – while he was lucky enough to carry out six successful exits in the space, for which he spent a total of thirty hours and the same number of minutes of your time.

From 19 to 29 may 2000 Usachev Yuriy held a third in his flight on a space ship of new generation «Atlantis». This expedition lasted nine days and twenty hours and involves the execution of works on restoration of the ISS.

Fourth flight

For the fourth time Yuri was flying on 8 March 2001 as part of the second ISS crew on a space ship called “Discovery”.

Other activities astronaut

Yury Usachev biography

He was able to combine a brave space travel and writing. So versatile Russian astronaut Yuri Usachev. “One day in space” is one of his most famous creations, which is especially liked as critics and sophisticated readers.

Yuri also shared their impressions with the public through writing, where he in great detail described every flight. His first debut was called “diary of a cosmonaut" 2004 edition. The book immediately came to the liking of the readers and brought the author fame and literary region.

As far As we know, writing is entirely captured scientist. To stop he did not intend. Yuri is obsessed with many ideas and initiatives. So, let us wish this beautiful and incredibly talented man further creative success!


pilot cosmonaut of the Russian Federation Yury Usachev

With such a great, purposeful and strong-willed man, we had the opportunity to meet you in this article. After all, such qualities and has Yuri Usachev. This biography of the astronaut is able to surprise, to westergate and even motivate each desperate lover space to great things.

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