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At the turn of IV-III thousand BC pOn the banks of the river Nile in Africa is one of the most powerful and advanced civilizations of antiquity. The remnants of the culture of Ancient Egypt still astonish Majesty and grandeur.

The Secret of popularity of Ancient Egypt in the twenty-first century

Interest in the history of Ancient Egypt fades over time. Secrets of the tombs of the pharaohs, legends of curses imposed on the Treasury of the kings of antiquity, a series of mysterious deaths of scientists and archaeologists who have studied the mummies, and the secrets of the construction of the pyramids still haunt the imagination of people, removed a huge number of historical and feature films.

One of the most acclaimed and successful films about Ancient Egypt can be called the picture "the Mummy" 1999. Thanks to the charismatic game Oded Fehr, who played the part of desert warrior, the audience has any interest in megam. What was medjay in Ancient Egypt really like?

this is medjai

Who called Megami in Ancient Egypt?

From the school history books you can read about that medjai is smallholders in Ancient Egypt. It is unlikely that this information can be called exhaustive.

Ancient Egypt had developed the state and legal system. We have not reached any full code except for small parts, carved on the stones. We are talking about the Palermo stone, which is the main source of modern knowledge about the economy, politics and religion of Ancient Egypt.

medjai that smallholders in ancient Egypt

The Army of Ancient Egypt in addition to the protection of the borders was engaged in maintaining order within the country. Recruits were recruited among the population, but not fewer soldiers were mercenaries from neighbouring Nubia - the territory of the modern Sudan. Medjay in Ancient Egypt officers who commanded small units. Parts involved in restoring order in the cities, and the mercenaries also called Megami.


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Why Nubia is considered the birthplace of mediev?

Mejai is the Nubian tribes that roamed through the territory of Sudan. Industrial mainly in cattle, many of them eagerly employed in the service of the Egyptians.

On the territory of Nubia at various times, there were several States. The most famous of them - the Kingdom of Kush. Its capital was the city of Napata and later Meroe. With the discovery of gold the lives of the population of the region has changed for the better, the state of Kush was powerful, and its rulers became known as the black pharaohs. Below is a picture of the reconstruction of Meroe.

medjay in ancient Egypt, this

The Nubians were great wars and was often employed in the Egyptian service. The main role of the Nubian mediaeu Egyptian military is protecting the tombs of kings and nobles, the fight against the gang groups in the country. Fearsome warriors of Kush resisted the Romans in their expansion in Africa.

Below is a picture of the reconstruction of the exit Taharka, one of the pharaohs of the Nubian dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

medjai of Egypt

Apparently, the word "medjay" in the frequent use against the mercenaries Nubians in Ancient Egypt became common for Ministers of law.

It Turns out that medjai Egypt is not just smallholders and the owners of which, according to the laws of the country were supposed to maintain order and peace in their lands.

Looked Like mejai?

In the film "the Mummy," clothing mediev is a more traditional outfit of Arab Bedouins. In fact, clothing in Ancient Egypt was not at a premium. Wearing of children and adolescents until puberty was not provided at all. In the major cities and settlements of the adults wore the minimum of things from light white cloth: men - skirts, women - togas, revealing one breast.

Medjay in Ancient Egypt is primarily a representative of the authorities. For the servants of order and soldiers of the regular army provided for a number of distinctive marks.

The Soldiers wore shells from strips of strong linen cloth, a further trimmed their leather panels and military commanders relied armor of crocodile skin. In the campaigns and during the assault, the soldiers wore a special hat made of leather with metallic stripes.

this is medjai

Uniforms have provided a large variety of shields, spears, hammers, swords and added protection for each type of troops. In the photo below are sketches of reconstructions of weapons and means of protection.

this is medjai

Why medjai tattoo was applied?

The mummies of the pharaohs and priests of Ancient Egypt can be called a record for the number of tattoos. Scientists still unknown what purpose the people of ancient times decorated their bodies. Tattoos found on the remains of people around the world.

There are several assumptions about the meaning of tattooing:

  1. Such a way to celebrate belonging to a particular tribe, caste, class or religion.
  2. Tattoo was supposed to attract good luck and wealth in a person's life, the favor of the gods, to determine the path and destiny.
  3. Early tattooing was not art, and was presented sets of dots and dashes. Scientists believe that this could be a variant of "passport" in ancient times. In favor of this theory indicates that inAncient Egypt the bodies of criminals struck special characters, which made them outcasts of society.

Whatever it was, the fascination with tattoos in Ancient Egypt was widespread. The most popular symbols for tattoos among mediev is the scarab, the eye of Horus and Ankh.

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