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When the educated viewer sees the game a good actor, e.g. al Pacino, he can say, "that's execution! Al Pacino – a true expert in his field and luminary". This is what the word is, we will analyze in this article.



The sound can be understood that the word is not Russian. It came to us from the Greek language. Luminary – Director of the choir in Greek tragedy. The main function of the coryphaeus – communication, communication between actors and chorus. Ask forgiveness of Opera lovers, but not all people love this kind of art precisely because of its incomprehensibility. When the actors sing on stage, especially if the action takes place in a foreign language, the uninformed viewer is not too understand what is happening. Almost as it was in Ancient Greece. Luminary – the man who explained to the audience what the choir is singing, he could sum up the monologue spoken by the actor, proclaimed the arrival on the scene a new character, could give guidance to the hero, which leaves the action.

Modern interpretation. The art and science

Do Not forget about the origin and continue the meditation. Luminary is, on the one hand, people belonging to the choir and associated with it, and on the other – a completely separate element that stands out from the rest. Thus it performs a liaison role and does it well. In addition, this is a man who understands what is happening in the moment on stage, to give that interpretation.

Gradually, the coryphaeus (the word) began to be defined anew, now this is a man who has achieved significant success in any field, usually, in art or science. So you can call the Professor, who made a remarkable discovery, a man who is very respected in the community, old and very good artist.


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Area ballet

luminary value

Communication with tradition continues when we are talking about the meaning of the word “masters” in the ballet. In the arts of the so-called artist, who is the leader of the corps de ballet, performs the solo performance, but not the main party.

If we talk about the word “masters” (the value of its currently analyzed) in a General sense, it does not by itself negative or ironic connotation. And characteristics of art, culture and science it is used even respected professors in their lectures. Of course, my teachers do not pursue any improper purposes, when people say that. But we understand that the emotional coloring of a phrase or word can vary depending on who says it and in what context he uses. Even the most serious, bookish, high word can be reduced and use is absolutely not in the sense that it has awarded history and language. However, moving further to the examples.

Notable cinema personalities

luminary of the meaning of the word

After it became known what meaning shall have the word “masters”, it is possible to talk about the people, which such a word to describe it. Let's start with the movie. Of course, every viewer has its Pantheon of kinologov. There can be no claim to the ultimate truth. Still, it seems that mentioned in the beginning of the article al Pacino deserved the title of the luminary. The same can be said about his partner in the film “Godfather” Robert de Niro.

With the Russian cinema last time more difficult, but just to say that the Soviet era has given us many prominent figures. First of all remember Sergei Bondarchuk and his masterpiece “They fought for the Motherland”.

Leading figures in literature

Of Course, in any field of art, literature in particular, everyone can determine who are the luminaries, and who is not. There are, however, generally accepted figures. For example, the well-known Russian classics – L. N. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Someone referred to the luminaries and contemporary English writer J. K. Rowling.

the word coryphaeus

The Figure of Tolstoy important not only because he wrote brilliant novels, he had a strong influence on the development of literature, both domestic and global, thanks to his view, a new moral and religious course called "tolstoyism".

From Dostoevsky's works came out, the Russian religious philosophy. N. And. Berdyaev wrote: “We are spiritual children of Dostoevsky’. The author of “Demons”, using the detective story, wrote religious-philosophical treatises, which necessarily contain moral lessons for the reader.

No One would argue with the fact that the two classics, which in the history of literature and in the mass consciousness left a bright trace, – the real luminaries. Although the "luminaries" for them is too small definition, they are geniuses.

But let's leave our wonderful classics, see days of today and talk a little bit about literature, about the ‘Harry Potter”. This landmark series of books "about the boy who lived” is loved by millions of readers. Of course, the writer - a master of his craft, so it can also be called a luminary.

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