"In fact,": a comma is placed where? "Actually" released by commas?


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There is such momentum in the Russian language, which you can not just say – this is the introduction of the design or of the sentence, which, of course, creates a certain difficulty in the formulation of the punctuation. Today we will discuss one such case. If you want to select by commas “actually”?

The rule

Nominally confused than not. If the object of the research – introduction combination and it is similar in meaning to the expression “actually” and “really”, the commas are always. But when the meaning is “virtually” and “actually”, the comma is completely unnecessary.

actually, the comma

The Reader has, probably, was horrified by the details of separation or, conversely, neuroamine, if not despair. Practice shows that the authors of fiction, too, prefer to not break your head over commas and do not use them in this case.

Besides, after all, anyway, very difficult to understand even to the author, if he expresses an emotion of some kind, which means, “actually” stands out with commas, or States the fact, which took place in reality. All this is very contradictory and conditional. And okay, if there was one author. And if you have another editor who sees text differently. In any case, I will give examples:

  • “Vanya actually drank a liter of milk”.
  • “I, in fact, already Packed and came to say goodbye”.

Mentally replace the second sentence “actually” in “actually”, and nothing will collapse.


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The only Problem is that here possible too ambiguous. Because the nameless hero is really Packed. So, anyway, we have to admit the wisdom of the authors of fiction that a negative answer to the question: ““actually” separated by commas?”

You Can eliminate the design and forget about it

The easiest way to rid yourself of suffering – delete the phrase an introductory phrase even if it is not. In many sentences, where the object of study, the latter, of course, adds some paint, shades of meaning, but they can be neglected in order to save themselves from the language of torture.

really stands out with commas


  • “the color of the car really was blue”.
  • “Lena could, in fact, to play Chopin”.

To be Honest, in the second sentence, still want to remove the commas, and this, in turn, proves the correctness of our previous ideas such as the build “actually” can be removed without any constraint and loss of meaning.

Another way – to strive for greater clarity

Honoring language practice, you need to write proposals so that they are not ambiguous. In other words, you can get rid of the introductory words, even if they are not introductory. In the two examples above nothing will change if we remove the “really”, and commas are nothing to do with it - how wonderful!

the comma after in fact

If it is absolutely from the object of study is not to quit, then you can use safely. Moreover, the tradition does not insist on its allocation, for example, in these sentences:

  • “No, Serge, it's not so telling, in fact, everything was this way”.
  • “I have not received “4”, in fact I received “5””.

Here, because no question, after “actually”, the comma is placed or not. All really obvious. And when not contrasting two points of view, it is possible to treat both.

Synonyms – here is salvation

True means – to substitute a synonym, or rather, semantic counterpart. And it should not be a replacement of one to another, sewed on soap. Offer must be shifted toward either introductory combinations, or element of the proposal that you do not want to detach.

But when you have no strength to choose and to suffer the question, “actually” released by commas or not, you can resort to the replacements, and thus put an end to the agony. Alternate spellings:

  • In fact (usually does not require commas, but the author can do everything);
  • Virtually (no need of isolation);
  • In fact (as before);
  • It turns out (might stand out, but maybe not, depends on context);
  • Do (similar to previous).

In Other words, if you can safely replace the object of study words, taking the first three positions in the list, then commas are not needed.

The Author, editor, reader

This issue is complex and ambivalent. And actually about it, nothing definite can be said, because much is decided by the will of the author. The reader as the addressee accepts any of the author's position. If he is educated enough, you'll find an explanation why in a particular place “actually” with a comma separated or not separated. The reader in this sense, the more tolerant editor.

really needs a comma

Editor, in contrast, may have a different opinion on the text that is before him. In the end, the important thing is who is the final authority for whom it is written.

The Russian language is so complex that almost any hard rule has several exceptions, so you can choose any one way of writing is impossible. When a man quite worn out and can not understand, after “actually” need a comma orno, let him turn to the word “turns”. But here we must look at the context. For example, three suggestions:

  • “I told him call and call and he is asleep”.
  • “I told him knock-knock, and he, in fact, does not hear”.
  • “He is somewhere I've always dreamed of”.

The First two cases Express the attitude of the speaker, and the third “actually” will not be able to replace “is”, for “float” the meaning of the sentence.

But the good news is that, do not get tired to repeat, the tradition insists on the lack of punctuation. Therefore, the final answer to the main question is this: commas are not needed.

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