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Coast Zatsepin – astronaut, Lieutenant General of aviation, twice hero of the Soviet Union. He was the only person that received one Star Hero for military merit and another for space exploration.

Early years

On 15 April 1921 in the small village of fedorivka (Poltava region, Ukraine), was born Coast Zatsepin. The family soon after his birth moved to Yenakievo (Donetsk region).

While Studying in high school, the boy had shown serious commitment towards the sky. First was an instructor, and then took the position of head of the section of aircraft modeling, which was in Yenakievo station of young technicians. Also took part in the local Aero club.

After Graduating from high school, Shore began working for a local metallurgical plant, and from there he was drafted into the army.

coast Zatsepin

The Battle path

In 1941, the Coast Zatsepin graduated from Voroshilovgrad military school of pilots. Took an active part in the hostilities, since the summer of 1942 until the victory. Was a simple pilot, then a flight commander and later squadron commander.

During the war 186 times picked up the plane on combat missions. Three times he knocked down opponents many times his plane was on fire but the Coast every time fearlessly back into the sky.

For their in flight fighting courage in 1944 he was awarded the highest award-the Gold star of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Test Pilot

After the war, the future astronaut has left the sky. In 1948 graduated from the higher officer training, Coast Zatsepin has started testing the latest developments of jet aircraft. Was the second pilot at the first flight and testing of the model R-2. Among aircraft tested Onshore, such as the MiG-19, su-9, Tu-128 Yak-27K and many more - a total of more than 60 models. Also Georgy Timofeyevich became a leading test pilot of a jet, the Yak-25.


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One of the flights on su-9 nearly cost the Coastal life. Subsequently, the partial jamming of a control system of the aircraft could not gain altitude. As a rule, in such cases, the pilot should immediately eject. But the pilot refused to do it, and after several unsuccessful attempts, managed to take the aircraft under his control. For such courage and salvation of the combat vehicle, the General aircraft Dry gave Coastal the camera.

1956, not looking up from the flight test pilot graduated from the air force Academy. Subsequently he was taken to the position of Deputy chief of the First test control GKNV the BBC, and in 1961 he became the Honored test pilot.

coast Zatsepin biography

Preparing for the flight into space

The year 1964 was a turning point for the famous Aviator: he was accepted into the squad preparing to fly into space. Despite the fact that 43-year-old Coast age it did not fit (the maximum age was then 35 years old), he was admitted to the preparatory program.

4 years Later future astronauts visited in Yevpatoriya flight control Center, where they demanded to bring them not only to fly ready devices, but also to their development. According to Shore, because of the extra precautions the state Commission and designers, too long delayed manned spacecraft launches. After five training unmanned spacecraft successfully returned to Earth, it was decided on the experiment - dock two vehicles in space.

October 25 was successfully launched unmanned spacecraft 7K-OK N10 "Soyuz-2", which serves as the target. It was assumed that the first two ships draw closer, using the search "Needle", and at a distance of 150 metres the pilot will begin to bring together the devices manually. Since docking was to take place on the dark side of the orbit on "Soyuz-2" was provided by signal lights. Some designers were against this experiment, but the launch still held.

coast Zatsepin astronaut

Cosmic experience

26 October, with the help of the carrier rocket was launched "Soyuz-3" with the Coast on Board. The experiment went according to plan, and soon the astronaut heard "Range - 40". This meant that the distance between the huge ships was 40 meters. At the same time the vehicles left the zone of radio visibility of ground observation points. When communication is resumed, it became clear that the experiment failed due to incorrect calculations of the Coast failed to make a "blind" docking. When asked about health, the reply was irritable the phrase: "feels good, and the mood - crappy".

In this flight of Beregovoy Georgi Timofeyevich in many respects was the pioneer, because history was not taken into account in the preparation of the astronaut, and when carrying out technical calculations. After returning to Land, the pilot made a lot of valuable comments to designers and technicians. Thanks to them, significantly improved training of future astronauts and spacecraft began to design more thoroughly. For this flight I was Coastal the second time awarded the Star of Hero.

In the period from 1972 to 1987 - head of the Center of cosmonaut training. Gagarin. At the end of this period (in 1987), being at that time a Lieutenant-General of aviation,chose to retire by age.

coast Zatsepin photo

Scientific and political activity

In Addition to the flight and training activities, Coast Zatsepin wrote scientific works on Astronautics and engineering psychology. Also the great man himself - co-author of several discoveries in the field of atmospheric physics. Coastal also was Chairman of the Society of Polish-Soviet friendship and inter-Republican Union of veterans. Wrote to George T. and artwork.

Coast Zatsepin, a photo of which you see in the article, was thrice elected Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Beregovoy Georgi Timofeyevich family

List of awards

Among the many awards received by Coastal include:

  • Two Gold stars of the Hero;
  • Two orders of Lenin;
  • Two orders of the red banner;
  • Two orders of the red Star;
  • Two orders of the Patriotic war of 1 degree.

Also Coast George T., whose biography is presented to your attention in the article was made an honorary citizen of Kaluga and other cities.

George Timofeevich did not on 30 June 1995. Was buried with full military honors at Novodevichy cemetery (Moscow).

With a huge number of various awards and titles, Shore always spoke of himself very humbly: "guys like me - thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands." But in the history of Soviet aviation and cosmonautics, he will forever remain the only astronaut of the past war.

Coast Zatsepin, biography which may serve as an example for many generations, lived a long and interesting life. Unknown guy became a hero, whose name he knew and knows almost the whole world.

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