The Bosphorus Strait at the junction of the continents


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The Magnificent and unique city of Istanbul, the capital of the Turkish state, is located right at the junction of two continents. And between them – the famous Bosphorus-the Strait, which is among the wonders not only of Istanbul, but throughout Turkey. This amazing place can be called the heart of the city. Tourists from all over the world come here to admire the beauty of the city, walk around the outskirts of the Strait, or take it on the boat.Bosphorus Strait

Incidentally, the name “Bosphorus” received a Strait since ancient times. It translates as “cow bridge”. Not a very imposing name, but it is mentioned in ancient Greek myths. According to legend, the Lord of Olympus Zeus fell in love with a simple mortal IO. But the jealous wife of the Thunderer, Hera has turned the beauty in a cow and gave her a huge and angry hornet. The cow IO was not rest from that bastard until I saw the Strait, which became her salvation. But Strait got through this one incident is now “cow” name. Truth or fiction is unknown, but we can only believe, because of evidence that no no.

A Favorite destination of many travelers seeking to see the Bosphorus, – the Eastern bridge. It was built by the great Persian king Darius more than 2500 years ago. This bridge was first held semiotician army ruler.

Since ancient times, the Bosphorus has played a major role in the development of trade and navigation. Its excellent location attracted the attention of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans have focused on this Strait: they built near it an enormous castles, fortresses, residences and villas. Sure to cover the entire Strait in one go was impossible, so the troops have divided it into several parts. First, the banks were built in the fishing village, and then built castles and palaces. All this contributed to the prosperity of the Empire on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait.the Bosphorus on the map


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If you look at the Bosphorus on the map, it will create the impression that the two continents almost converge. Some scientists have even called it the narrowest Strait in the world. The length of the Strait is 30 meters, and the depth is 120 meters.

As mentioned above, the Bosphorus – the main shopping hub of the country. It is often called “Golden horn". Through the Strait and originated in the economic and trade sea routes of Turkey with neighboring countries.

Today, the Bosphorus-the Strait international status. For him sailing vessels in both directions. Travelers often may notice there are wrecks and other interesting things. While walking through the Straits you can learn a lot about him. For example, the Turks called the rapid stream of the Strait “damn over”. It is very fast and dangerous, rage begins with the arrival of spring, when they begin to melt snow in the Danube river basin. The rapid streams rushing along the shore, foaming water during the boil. Bosphorus – controversial “create”. It flows simultaneously in two completely different directions: from the Black sea to the Marmara and Vice versa.Eastern Bosphorus Strait

Despite the many wars, witnessed the Bosphorus, the Strait still fascinates tourists. It is particularly beautiful during sunset. At this point, the city around the Strait is changing beyond recognition. In the dark of the ships standing during sunset you can see how bright the lights are lit on the hills. In the air, the voices of muezzins, doing the evening prayer. Hagia Sophia stands just above the town like an old ship's mast. This amazing Bosphorus – a treasure stored in the heart of Istanbul!

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