Corey Haim - the idol of the 80's. the Life and work of the stars


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This is the fourth in the list of "100 of the most popular kids channel VH1". Seven times was nominated for Young Artist Awards and has twice won it. Two-time Academy award "Saturn". Eighties teen idol Corey Haim.

The guy's Filmography is impressive. And for several years he was the most popular teenager. Admired by thousands of fans, and critics praised his acting, saying that his playing is beyond your years and prophesying boy-wunderkind successful career at a more Mature age.

Classics of American cinema are the films involving popular tandem - Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Photo actors you can see in the article.

Corey Haim

Early career

Corey Haim at school he started to study acting. The older sister of the boy dreamed of becoming an actress and auditioned, with she took Corey. So casually in 10 years, he was noticed by producers and invited to star in the TV series. After he played the main role in the eponymous film adaptation of the book “Silver bullet”. This work brings a very young Corey fame. His acting skills were highly appreciated.

In the same year, Haim began his shooting in the famous TV series "Days of our lives”. His success did not go unnoticed. For his excellent performance he received the award of Young Artist Awards.

In the 15 years he played a major role in the movie “Luke”. The film was a resounding success, receiving good reviews from both critics and viewers. For the work the actor also received the Young Artist Awards.


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Corey Haim photo

“Lost boys”

And in 1987 he played one of the main characters in the movie “Lost boys” directed by Joel Schumacher. This picture will later become a classic and will open the Vogue for vampires in film.

The Film is about two brothers, Mike and Sam, who after the divorce of parents come together with their mother in a town called Santa Carla. But not everything is so easy, it is the biker gang that constantly violates the security of residents. Michael (older brother) gets in a gang, but it turns out they have a secret, because they are actually vampires. At this time, Sam, played by Corey Haim, meets guys who consider themselves hunters of vampires.

In the film, interwoven horror and comedic moments. Unusual plot, good music and great acting made this film a cult classic in its time.

Awards and $ 32 million was collected by the painting “Lost boys”. Corey Haim has not received any awards for the film, but it was a turning point in his career, when the popularity of the young actor rose to great proportions.

And in 2008, was acquitted of the second part, it again played two of Measles. But secondary characters.

the lost boys Corey Haim

“Driving licence”

For all was a real surprise when a film with such a small budget was such a resounding success. The amount of profit was eight times more expensive. The film was included in the list of the 50 most profitable of strips in 1988. And his partner in the film was again Corey Feldman (previously they played together in the fantasy Thriller “Lost boys”). Of the young people got a great tandem on screen, but in life they became friends. They have even started to call the "Two Corey's".

“Make a little dream”

Was the last of the films in which popular teen Duo has played a major role. The film was very successful among the audience, but could not repeat the triumph of the previous two. Although “Make a little dream” was first performed the song Rock on by Michael Damien, who after never left the top positions of the charts for a long time. After went down the career of the hero of this article. Corey Haim began acting much less, and the films with his participation has not been as popular.

Recent achievements

In 1991, after a break due to problems with drugs, he starred in the film “Angels” for the work was awarded the prize "Saturn", which is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the genre of science fiction and horror.

In 1993 he took part in the remake of “Just one of the girls”, the film was received well by the audience.

In 2009, will the last film with his participation - “Adrenaline”.

Personal life

Corey was never married. In 2009, Victoria Beckham said that before the start of her career in the group the Spice Girls she dated an actor. Their first meeting took place in one of London's music studios. Victoria broke it off because of the Measles addiction to drugs and alcohol.

After the actor met with many beautiful girls such as Nicole Egert, star of the TV series “Baywatch”, or the infamous Alyssa Milano. But none of his novels was not successful.

Corey Haim movies


The Drugs, the actor began drinking as a teenager. And in the 1990s began a series of setbacks for the actor. He was arrested for drug possession. Much later, in 2007, Cory will say that this addiction ruined his career.

Throughout his life he was often treated and was trying to get rid of drug addiction. And sometimes there was the hope that he will succeed.

But, unfortunately, March 10, 2010 Corey Haim passed away. The official cause of death was listed as overdose of medicines. It is known that shortly before his death, the actor began pneumonia. Although this is questionable information, most likely, killed the favorite of millions of drugs.

I would Like to note that at the time of death, the actor was quite popular, he had plans, he was involved in several projects at the same time.

Despite his drug addiction and setbacks, Corey Haim, the films of which were very successful, always returns to the cinema.


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